New supplement thread

New supplement thread

You shouldn’t need to go above 600mg with KSM-66. 300/300 morn/night should suffice however I know some who have high anxiety go for 600/600. In that regards, you’re better off switching to Sensoril at 250-500mg dosage.

Thanks Christian, picking it up. Ash imo is one of the greatest supplements a person can use for many benefits. Long term user here

With the capsules at 250 mg, my options are 500 or 750 mg per day, haha. I was on 1350 mg @ 2.5% extract daily for a couple months and didn’t notice any effect. If my supply of KSM-66 is also ineffective, I could try Sensoril, but I’ll probably just give up on Ash at that point.

Np :stuck_out_tongue:
What benefits do you notice?

Ok new rule, one post per day for new stuff you got.(Discussion not counted).
Not aimed at anyone specific…

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Less fatigue if I don’t get enough sleep, better stress control, improved recovery especially in my joints. Kind of similar to rhodiola rosea which the two work well in tandem.

Chadd, some don’t respond or respond unfavorable which applies to many supplements.

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Yeah, someone posted somewhere on the forum that ash caused him depression. Every nootropic I have tried had no observable effect on me…but I’m not giving up yet!


I might jump on that Sensoril deal, my anxiety has been good recently but I know it has a host of other benefits, too.

Been playing around with trying to get PA from lecithin granules rather than buying a dedicated PA product for way too much money, but boy are they nasty.

Yeah I get that. I don’t respond to many “natural anabolics” that everyone goes nuts over when the latest and greatest come out. Although personally I think most in that class are placebo if anything.

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Could not agree more with your statement. the cost people pay for the natty anabolics and what they get out of them is just not worth the cost. Much better spending the money on food and your essentials (Vitamin d, probiotics, whey, creatine, mult, fishoil etc…)


Wow! That is a good deal.

Try putting them in a smoothie or something like that

I’m guessing most of them are just too minor to really notice, or over hyped in the initial studies.
On that topic I did order Recomp RX which looks very promising and was reasonably cheap at 28$, hopefully that lives up.

Yeah, most “natural anabolics” seem to work in huge doses on rats but seem ineffective in humans due to poor oral bioavailability. Patrick Arnold seems to think that transdermal is the way to go on stuff like Laxogenin and Epicatechin and his (sporadic) posts and blogs on that are really interesting, but the stuff is priced out of my budget so I don’t have the ability to A/B between oral and transdermal stuff.

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Never seen that at $28 but I believe you. Not sold on Holy Basil doing what that Korean study said in real people either. But at $28 for 120 pills @125mg per serving give it a shot. Would never pay what many sites have it at.

Couple of items to add…from the for what its worth department…

I’ve used PA through HPN and I liked it. Body comp seemed to change and I used it daily not just during workouts. But it gets expensive as you know.

Also…and random thought…one supplement I used in the past and really liked is Bio-Gro. Call me crazy but Jerry Ward (pause for effect) posted a review of it and he summed it up best - my muscles just felt more full while on it…I really liked it. But again stopped using it because it added an extra expense to the equation.

They had it for that a few days ago on walmart, I do allot of searching before I buy anything.

Given it has a delivery system it seems like it could actuly be effective, but for muscle builders I would like to see longer term studies to validate that they aren’t just getting increase glycogen stores for example.

If it’s effective it could be worth it.

Jerry ward

Well guerrilla with a cause came to the same conclusion, and he’s one of the people who I actuly trust, So I can believe it.

This forum? That was probably me. I’ve tried several bottles of ksm-66, gives me mood swings/depression

But that’s just how I react to it. 99% of people love ash

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Love KSM-66. Use it in Legion Multi

Mixed thoughts on KSM-66 ash, seemed to have all the reported good effects but it threw my mood off after a couple of weeks each run. Probably will give Sensoril a try in the future.

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VPX To release a Ketogenic RTD

The image that’s surfaced reveals the RTD will have
10g of goBHB
225mg of caffeine for energy,
yohimbe, ----> RIP to a lot of people on here
electrolytes for hydration,

Should be launching @ The Arnold.
Sour Heads, Peach Mango, and Citrus Twist.

I’ve been cycling ashwaghanda for almost a year. My improved sleep quality and lowered stress make it a mainstay for me.

Sucks that it doesn’t work as well for everyone.

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Been beta testing new Radiate from RXS

So far so good. Regular radiate with DMHA I could barley tolerate this is much better IMO

No formula released yet

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