New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I’m thinking Jiminy Cricket deserves better.


So that .10 would be 10% leucine, but when you see something like tryptophan 10+ times higher, something is wrong. The entire chart makes no sense. If .10 for leucine means 10%, then several amino acids have over 100%, since they’re over 1.00, but that’s impossible.


Watch out now, you guys are selling those beef scraps


If people want to buy them they can
I certainly don’t suggest or reccomend them


Again, I am in agreement and think the chart is misleading in its supposed values. I’m interested in where they’re getting these typical amino acid profiles for each source. My original point was just that I think there is merit in diversifying protein sources, in this context, egg white protein.


Who else misses Flexatril? had to stock up when I saw it for under $9 a bottle


My joints don’t really bother me since I learned to take care of them, personally.


My joints are great as well but for nearly $8 a bottle it’s not expensive to have my body feeling in great shape on top of all the ART work and stretching I do


This dude has enough to keep an entire old folk’s home running on treadmills


I’m almost done with my first bottle. I can’t believe how much better my joints feel. From squats to be ah should press… it’s done wonders for me.


Fair enough. Wasn’t trying to be braggadocious btw, realized it kind of sounded that way-- i’ve been through my share of tendinitis.


When it comes to taking care of my body I rumble roll/stretch at least 5x a week. I also take a lacrosse ball to trigger points to help stay loose. Mobility work is VERY overlooked by most gym trainees.


I need to be more consistent with stretching to avoid injury especially the lower back. Lacrosse balls work really good.


Cellucor offers pretty good free sample if you click on their Instagram bio page. I got samples of a couple different versions of C4 including the Ultimate and some protein.


Muscle and Strength also lets customers pick 2 free samples with every purchase. No minimum purchase price and they offer weekly sales where they’ll throw in 10-20 extras. I always preferred them as my go to online retailer, for those very reasons. Let’s you try a few different things.


A1’s selection and BOGO deals, Make them my go to online retail site for supplements… not to mention 1st class customer service.


They have much better service than M&S. M&S was supposed to deliver something and never did, and even after asking them, they never fixed the issue.

A1 once shipped the wrong item but then sent me the correct item and let me keep the original. Very solid service, indeed.


They have been my go to for a few years. Only gripe is many times they raise the individual price before a bogo making it not a true one.


How much pain are you in?


Love A1 Supplements