New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Almond Butter Choc Chip outright bar drops friday
Butterscotch PB drops next week

Lobliner stated via social media


Funny thing (perhaps not that funny) is that I literally was just on their site looking to see if these were available…I didn’t see them yet…Sounds like Marc hasn’t ‘dropped’ them yet


Next week
I texted him earlier today and he gave me a little insight.
I will be meeting up with him before the arnold classic on Thursday at TigerFitness HQ. Any other news I can figure out on new things coming I will let ya know!


Thank you Bob…you are a scholar and an athlete


Ginger kids are the devil’s child
we burn and are pieces of shit



Thank for the update. Was hoping they were dropping today as I only have one more box left of the chocolate chip ones.


I picked up 10 boxes on Black Friday. This way I won’t ever run out


Lobliner pulls the plug on producing the wafers:


Interesting, never got to try em. Wonder what happened


More focus on outright bar
Seeing it is getting into convenience stores
He wants it to be marketed and sold everywhere


Olympus Labs working on the reformulation of Endure


I was never a wafer guy…so I never understood the need. I do appreciate Marc’s transparency in this.


Would love to see them in convenience stores.


They are around the IL area where he lives. He has posted a few on his IG Story


He’s out in the 'burbs…I’m not on IG but would have to look to see where they are carrying them…I haven’t seen them in the City yet…


Ghost Burn
Coming soon


Fat loss? Will they use a skinnier ghost to advertise it? Asking for a friend


Sweet! I hope they include the Swedish Fish flavor… Going to be a hell of a year!


Coconut Ice Cream Whey will be coming this summer from Ghost


Come on Bob, we both know this is going to suck. Diet ice cream lol