New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Oh hell yeah this is dope


Also, a question for the more chemically-inclined members: does taking hordenine at the same time as PEA still slow its metabolization? Way back when, when I was doing research for my future product line, I was given the impression that hordenine should be taken 20+ minutes before PEA, to let the hordenine get to inhibiting the MOAB enzymes before the PEA hit your system.

Which gave me a really great idea to have the hordenine in the powdered PWO drink mix while having “extra boost” intra-workout capsules of PEA sold along with it it to avoid the extremely bitter flavor it brings to the party while maximizing effectiveness but essentially everybody told me that was way too extra and no one would give a shit… :pensive:


Pricing released for Chemix Pre. Get out them credit cards :thinking:


I would rather spend $40 on steak and beer then a chemix pre-workout
Might make some more gains too…


LOL 40 bucks a tub and that is a GOOD deal? WTF! Ahh man, ridiculous. 40 bucks on beer n steak is better @TheSolution at least you KNOW what your putting in your body,


Chaos and Pain Permaswole updated formula


Looks like a solid profile!


New Legion Protein Bars
Starting in Choc PB and CCCD will expand to S’mores and Cookie and Cream later in 2019
Fully Transparent label on a protien bar to boot

New things on the Horizon:
Merica Labz Superior Aminos (20g of Aminos per serving)
New MTS whey Flavor to debut by the end of the month (Will be something that originated in Cincinnati)
New Merica Labz Cream Soda flavor should be finalized before Arnold Classic
Ketofeed coming in a butter pecan flavor soon


Cincinnati is famous for chili that would make a gross protein flavor. :slight_smile:

Graeter’s Ice Cream is based there as well.


That is why I guessed Buckeye, but then again he has 2 PB and Chocolate Flavors.
Ive had way too much Graetre’s in my lifetime and have blogged and went to 3 shop openings for the company the last 4 years. They treat me like gold when I roll through Columbus or Cincy to their scoop shops


Giving this a go in the AM. Will keep you guys updated on how it goes!


I’m interested.

I’d use it if it was free :neutral_face:


Let us know how it goes. I’ve been very critical of it, but that doesn’t mean it won’t feel good lol.

But they can’t even get the standardization of their rhodiola straight. It’s not listed on the label, so I asked; GC told me it’s 3% salidroside and 1% rosavin (which is backwards compared to common extracts), but a seller who told me they checked the COA told me it’s 3% and 2%. Who knows haha.


Uh oh. That’s no bueno. Slight difference, but somebody is getting the wrong information and that’s going to make its way to the consumer.


Yeah the only people that are really going to care about that are us nerds who really look into each supplement.


I have to say…it’s damn strong. The focus and energy were top notch, and I only 3/4 scooped it. I might do the full scoop tomorrow, but I legit think I won’t need that. Nothing else I’ve used touches it in terms of Stimulators effect. I personally think for most people, this will turn into a 30-40 Serv tub


Butterscotch peanut butter is the next flavor of the outright bar




This should be a fun one. Dehydrated muscle egg?


Actually pretty excited for this one… the Salted Caramel flavor should be very good, not to mention the flexible an unflavored gives.

I’m pushing for some tubs for you guys now :slight_smile: