New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Yes please…looks outstanding


National Cereal Day?

Is there a calendar I can get that lists what each days is now? I mean for example, today is Wednesday, or it used to be.

That said, looks good.


You can find multiple calendars on the internet to tell you what fake day it is :+1:


Just google national cereal day
Copy and paste day
thats how I found that answer above


The BPI aminos look like a big Downgrade from their Essential 9 product they just released a few months ago


The essential 9 were not clinical grade though bro


I’m thinking Bob missed the joke here


BPI Just keeps getting worse

at least caffeine is open labeled lol


Whenever everything is clinical grade, you don’t need an open label.
/end sarcasm





LOL…I don’t know why but for some reason that makes me laugh! The little things in life…whats inside whats inside???


ALPHA EAA By Nutrabio to release in March…
Full 8g EAA label with:
Alpha GPC, Huperzine, Vita Choline, KSM-66 Ashwaganda…
CocoPure coconut water powder and taurine.
With Astragin to boost bioavailability.

A full label is not released yet


Now that is hype. Can’t wait! Wonder what ever happened to Pump X or whatever that was


Of course they don’t mention which clinic


Dude, the nootropics they are sticking in this are awesome as well. Stack3d just posted about it


LOL compare this to the new BPI… no comparison


Hypermax Extreme

To start, the supplement will be exclusively available through the retailer Natural Body in Orange Mango and Berry Lemonade flavors.


Hope they fixed their flavoring, cause it’s damn awful


Yikes. Too exotic for me, I’m out.