New supplement thread

New supplement thread




Best combo everrrrrrrrrrr



I’m curious as to the taste of maple and bacon…I mean I know what the real thing tastes like and am fascinated by those that are able to replicate that.


Bacon is extremely mild in there, but it’s a great maple flavor, imo


here is the other flavor of the new outright bars


Hooray!! New BPI product announced! Still stuck in the 2000s :joy:


Macros released


Looks like we’ll have this in an Olympus Labs product coming soon…

I’m down!!


This will be in No Mercy their non stim pre-workout

Olympus Labs has revealed two of the features from its upcoming No Mercy formula with the pump ingredient Vaso6, and the all-new, nitric oxide boosting S7, both at clinical doses. That second feature is actually a branded blend of seven plant-based ingredients, with No Mercy set to be the first supplement to utilize it.

S7 is an innovation from the company Futureceuticals who is also responsible for other branded ingredients such as NeuroFactor, CoffeeBerry, and ModCarb. The new S7 blend has been clinically shown to boost nitric oxide by an impressive 230% to help with blood flow and pumps.


“Medical grade hydration”


New line from Cutler Nutrition


Who needs doctors when you have BPI??


Lol love it. Bcaa eaa in a 4g prop blend. Classic BPI.




Cited source- Stack3d


What does that even mean…


Ope :flushed: happy to see him do something that DOESNT involve BPI


Ghost Cinnamon Cereal Milk
Launching March 7th 2019
National Cereal Day


The new cutler nutrition line is interesting. The starting price is a bit high but the formulas look good if they become budget products. No aggressive stimulants or glycerol which is a good improvement, allot of use of nuerofactor interestingly.