New supplement thread

New supplement thread


RC bars are my favorite if they’re fresh. Once they’re stale, not so good. : /


Monsters attempt at BANG


But no Super Creatine? For shame


Yeah def won’t be picking these energy drinks up without Sooper Dooper Creatine


But the label says “BCAA Aminos”

Double aminos?


I love Branched Chain Amino Acid Aminos!!!


Yo dawg, I heard you like aminos, so I put aminos in your aminos.


Lol thank God I wasn’t only one annoyed by this. I said to myself it’s just your OCD talking. We all need branched chain amino acid aminos. It’s the new stuff for 2019. Better hide it in a prop.blend too


Side note but I picked up creaclear, it’s good, though you do need the amount of water they advise or it doesn’t dissolve all the way. Once it is dissolved it stays dissolved though.


It’s my favorite creatine.


So you’re saying there is a Shift in direction?


Almond Chocolate Chip and one other flavor will debut in about 2-3 for new outright bars per Marc on his IG story

He is going to release artwork and do a giveaway if you can guess the second flavor later today


Nothing annoys me more than these companies labeling “BCAA Aminos” on their cans. I believe Raze, Bang, and Hyde do it. :expressionless:


Bangster Berry has EAA’s listed for Bang which is the only flavor they have that listed on… Interesting.


Interesting indeed. Didn’t catch that one!


Check the cans you bought off me. I also pointed this out in my Bangster Berry Video Review


Here is the picture Marc teased on Social Media

This and Almond Butter Chocolate Chip are the 2 upcoming flavors


Man Sports joining the pancake & Syrup after Nutrabio releases theirs


So the floodgates have officially opened!!


Most important meal of the day