New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I’ve always liked Dymatizes proteins, but haven’t tried their orange creamsicle



Sooooo excited this flavor is coming to powder. Hoping it’s similar/the same as the snow cone C4U carbonated. :smiley:


Why are the Ultimate Carbonated and this flavor for VS Exclusives

Ugh. That place is so overpriced Unless you get a steal of a deal/glitch


Same reason GNC gets all kinds of exclusives. It helps to build a relationship with the companies.
Plus it will still be on


i just trade with their reps


Pricing from Direct = Super Expensive


I’ve gotten great deals at VS recently. Bogos plus 20-25% off.


Most of the time.
Always exceptions.
For example a case of C4 Carbonated is 27.99 at CP and 23.99 at right now :slight_smile:


Deals at VS are very hit or miss online, and also in store (where I live)
mine local is super small (Size of a chipolte) sometimes the in store wont pick up exclusives due to the fact they dont sell a lot in the first place.


You wont have to worry about that price, we will have it below $23 very soon.
Most customers get a 20% off code once a month therefore you will never pay more then $22.40 for a case if not cheaper.

We had C4 and C4 Ultimate on BOGO a month ago. Cases for C4 were $14 and Ultimate were $16.50
customers ate it alive hah


Or when they clearance at 50-75% off. I have picked up some good pwos then


That sucks, the ones over here are huge.


The Vitamin shops here in my area are pretty good size. Lots of variety


Ulimate ‘Bro-Cone’ is well…Kitschy but I’m sure people will love it.



I bought one, if it tastes like ass you got me for the refund right? :joy:


If purchased through Amazon, start the refund process.


First ever LE Bang to debut in a few months:

The product is also initially going to be exclusive to the supplement distributor Europa as well as the major supplement retailer the Vitamin Shoppe.


How long have you been vegan?