New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I like the twisted limeade the best thus far. Is the cherry lime coming to VS?


For me
Cherry Limeade

But honestly haven’t had any bad flavors so far.

And Cherry Limeade is available now directly on the Cellucor Website for 23.99 a case


For me…

  1. Orange
  2. Orange
  3. Grape
  4. Orange
  5. Tropical Punch


Biased on Orange Much there sir :slight_smile:
We have the Cherry Lime in stock as well right now. Friday we may have it discounted @ CP
Just picked up a case so I will drop a YT review when it comes in!


Still have yet to try the Orange Slice


Don’t know what you are waiting for…
It is greatness

Have you ever had an orange sunkist?


It’s been awhile but yes. I will find one.


Quick question, how is the black cherry carbonated endorush? Do they cover the theacrine well?


Endorush? I’ve yet to try that flavor.


I see you @Dougefresh93

no ETA on when according to Stack3d.


I do not work for hi tech.

But the orange should pop nicely in a clear tub. Hope the flavor is not weak as fuck like the Orange APS whey, Isomorph.


Have you ever tried Orange from Dymatize Iso100? That was one of my favorites for an orange cream protein.


Controlled Labs has the best orange protein flavor imo


I didn’t even realize they had a protein til you said this…lmao


LOL their flavors blow, pretty much across the board.

Dymatize Iso100 is a much better Orange.


Their protein product is fine. It’s the rest of their flavors that blows and Iso is way too sweet. That works for most of their flavors but that orange is hard to stomach how sweet it is.


I don’t find any of the Iso100 too sweet

Try their peanut butter. That is the furthest thing from sweet. One of the better PB’s on the market IMO
Fudge brownie, choc pb… all are dense in flavor not on the sweet side.


Their PB is good. That’s why I said it works for most of their flavors. Fudge Brownie is outstanding. It’s just the orange that’s too sweet for me. It doesn’t work for their banana either.


Not sure about carbonated, but they have a Black Cherry Vanilla Endorush powder which is surprisingly done well.


Good to know.

They currently have a case at costco that is nearly 1$ per can.