New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Not a vegan, my gf is lactose sensitive, so she will mainly use it. I will as well, depending on my dairy intake for the day.


GNC possibly looking to get into the carbonated energy drink market.


Why not a pea/rice blend versus just mainly pea? Is chocolate the only flavor? I keep a vegan protein on hand usually so genuinely interested.


Rice protein costs roughly twice as much as pea.


100%. In a perfect world, we’d get much better vegan sources of protein than pea (pumpkin seed, rice, etc…) but guess which one is cheaper. : )

There isn’t as big of a market for vegan supps, as for “non vegan.” This will change over time, but expect vegan products to improve significantly over the next 10yrs.


Does Beyond Raw not count? I know it’s tecnnically a pre-workout, but carbonated nonetheless.


Cheaper isn’t always better especially with vegan choices. I remember the soy protein push, nasty shit.


But who was profit margins?


You’re probably right. Companies like San, Pes etc are probably losing money on theirs since it’s a pea/rice blend.

Ever tasted Vega? Uses almost all pea, tastes horrendous.


I have try one pea protein once, it was not good.

And not to speak for other brands, I’m willing to bet that vegan proteins are some of their worst sellers.


I’ll let you guys know in 30 mins , when my done fasting. I’ve had the same experience the one time I tried a pea protein


Do these look familiar to any of you guys, also coming out of Ohio lol


Amazon search ‘protein wafers’… about 2-3 of them are identical looking and with only a minor diff or 2 on the nut label. :slight_smile:


Lol , Amazon is the new source for R&D it looks like


Genius makes some good products, this definitely ain’t it. Taste like powdered unsalted sesame seeds, got no chocolate flavor.


Never be afraid to trademark search either… you’ll find some brand’s product name yet to be released :slight_smile:


Just posted the review
another great flavor to the lineup


What in the holy hell


Ya vegan proteins suffer from tasting worse, mixing worse, and being more expensive, while also providing worse macros.
I like the idea of them but they fail in every metric that matters if you aren’t morally against them(or so sensitive you can’t have whey isolate).

It still seems like they would work better in functional foods rather then drinks.


I had no part in the design of the protein blend. The decision was made by our CEO and he is happy with the outcome. Chocolate is the only flavor for now. More possibly to come if the community responds well.