New supplement thread

New supplement thread


The study that found it didn’t yield benefits disused why the other study may have. Different effects on different systems and tasks potentially. It’s not really like it’s two studies with the same methodology, or even the same tested parameters, combing back with different, conflicting results. I will agree that CDP and GPC are superior choline sources, I’m just saying I wouldn’t say that bitartrate is entirely useless or ineffective in ALL instances.


new ANS Dilate

Iso-Amino Limited Edition Flavor Mountain Mist

Detour Partnership with M&M’s

~ 80 calories 2g Fat, 10g Carbs, 8g Protein each


Wonder why they didn’t just go with the full 300mg dose of Vaso-6? Seemed kind of goofy to give full doses of everything expect for that lol


It looks like they want you to stack it or double scoop it.


That Dilate should have 60 servings with same profile and price.


Sour Batch Bros C4 Ultimate Carbonated will be exclusive to VS

Coming soon


I remember back when the original(?), or whatever the last version was, came out on a huge sale with some other PWO of theirs; I bought a TON of it. I enjoyed it.


It could be a pretty good standalone in itself. Not a bad profile


Dilate is an improvement over their last profile


That C4 Sour Batch gonna be good.


Had it in Ultimate at HQ. Absolutely fantastic.
Flavoring for Cellucor is always top tier.


Any discussions about dropping BA from the Original C4 Carbonated and replacing it with something else? I would venture to say most people use it as a energy drink vs a pre workout.


Yeah, energy drink is primarily what most people I know label it as


As of right now, no plans to drop the BA.


Funny - I was talking with Greg about this recently!


Nutrabolt as a whole seems to have really stepped up its game over the last 6 months. Loving their new products and I know this will be no different,

If I was a secret Ghost rep, I wouldn’t be saying that @Msseffect ; )


Wait for them to drop the Cherry Limeade C4 Carbonated. It may top your favorite Orange Slice.


You’re toeing a dangerous line here my friend, they might pull your Ghost Lifestyle card lol. Maybe you’re just an “affiliate”


Orange Slice > Cherry Limeade

…but both are really good.


Cherry Lime

Top 3 once Cherry comes out. Again thats my preference… Bombsicle and Lime will fall behind those for #4/#5