New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Lot more then that
More Flavors of Whey

Cinnamon cereal milk
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Irish Coffee

Another Fatloss product

Ghost has a lot in store. That Is not even touching the iceberg


Truly exciting times!!!




Just when I thought the industry was moving beyond the massive “prop” blends in pre-workout supplements, this gets released touting its 1010mg “stim” blend :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

All this at $2 per serving…


Big no from me, won’t support this prop blend bullshit ever


Especially when they are asking you to pay a premium for this.


I opened this like a neanderthal , but it’s the new Quest Chocolate Hazlenut. It was pretty good, more hazelnut than chocolate. Give it a try if you can handle the corn fiber




I’ll just add vodka and simple syrup to my White Monster. Same thing.


Can’t win em over with your shitty formula, make two new flavors based off alcoholic beverages for the marketing. My perception of RC1 has tanked over time


You must of not had enough pig scraps from their MRE bars bro :slight_smile:


If you want the true redcon1 experience, add pepper until it is the only thing you can taste.

So I’m not the only one, They are kind of the normie blackstone labs, a few good innovative products under a mountain of garbage.


Couldn’t have said it better myself


And lower doses of choline bitaratrate, ALCAR, and NALT than caffeine. No thanks lol.


Tastes identical to double chocolate chunk but with Hazelnuts and relabeled Chocolate Hazelnut.
Innovation 0/10 from Quest.


I read that link real quick and thought it said hypertension instead of “hyperstim”


Lmao, wouldn’t surprise me if there were a product with that name somewhere


Except alcar it doesn’t matter what the doses of the other two are.


If you’re suggesting that NALT and choline bitartrate are ineffective at any dose, I’ll agree on the NALT point, but argue that choline bitartrate may have some focus-type benefits and/or body composition benefits when dosed high enough (at least 2g), but >90% of products don’t even come close to that dose.


I thought the large dose was only in animal studies and in humans it didn’t show any acute effects.