New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Unicorns are all the rage with the baby/toddler/kid birthday parties now too. I think Frozen is out and Unicorns are in???

Dude. Dinosaurs! Thats gotta be the next flavor rage. You can have Dinosaur brand with flavor rocks and sticks that are cookies


Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal! The GOAT.


If someone can make a dunkaroo flavored protein I may invest stock.
Those things growing up were deadly!


I used to see them at Dollar General stores. I think they’re still available in Canada?

Heck - I might buy some now… best snack of all time.


I have seen people report they are at Target
Mine is the size of a chipotle which never stocks anything


They’re not coin shaped with that beautiful “D” printed on the front. : (


Hey guys! Reaching out for Mike! He’s LIVE on Instagram right now for the Xtend RTD review! @Mike


Thanks a ton for doing that!!!

Had some fun on IG Live. Gonna do that more often.


That was a good time! It was cool seeing peeps from here in there. Could have like a community chat where different people give input on certain topics via the invite feature too!


I tuned in and looking forward to trying them myself. They are out for delivery today so should be able to have one after work.


I had the vanilla and did not enjoy the goofey aftertaste. It was a weird artificial corn puff taste.

Just my opinion after trying one. I’ll grab the other flavors and give them a fair shot.


New Xtend Elite Packaging looks slick AF


Definitely one of the better packaging Ive seen in a long time. Looks awesome.


How’s the new flavor for xtend elite?
Citrus passion fruit


Absolutely beautiful packaging. Way nicer then the previous iterations


Agreed, even with your bias aside :wink:


600mg Vaso6 serving size. 300mg for me made my pumps ridiculous. I’m curious if 600mg was used in any studies.


Anecdotally, not much difference over 400mg


how we feel when you mention nutrabio :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like Ghost is getting into the Nootropic and Greens Market. I am sure they will do something awesome with it, but we shall see!!