New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Not sure how that is owned. I just stated that 2 posts
B4. :thinking:


Just busting your balls. ; )


Good timing huh? I thought of that post as I was eating the wafers lol


I just ordered some, based on your comment. Haha. Hope they’re good!


So I’m guessing there’s some manufacturer out there making good wafers now, and I’d wager that these are VERY similar to Marc’s Outright wafers judging by the exact same look alone. I think i’ll try these ON ones first. Thanks for taking the plunge and posting your thoughts!


I grabbed them on amazon because of the shipping. I’m going with vanilla.


You can buy the MTS ones with ease


if only they weren’t sold out


They were a pilot batch and limited to one per customer.


i’ll wait for the lemon, love lemon desserts.


Received an unexpected package from the nice people over at @NutraBio today!

New Year, New Flavor, New Gains!

Thank you for being great NutraBio!


Yes but they aren’t available anymore as of now. So they’ll have to wait until he goes through with distribution again


Same, lemon meringue, lemon drop, lemon tart, and my favorite are lemon bars :grimacing:


I did not expect them to last longer then a few days on the pilot batches. The feedback has been stellar on them.

Post my review on this bad boy shortly.


Unicorn Cookie Shake Lean Whey features sugar cookie pieces and edible glitter
No ETA at the moment


What a time to be alive.


Can’t wait for ghost and their CCCD (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) and actual cookie pieces in it. Sooner or later we wont be making shakes anymore as companies want to just compile chunks into the powder LOL


Limited edition… I better preorder it.

I understand the marketing of a “Unicorn” flavor to women and crossfitters (same thing) don’t mean I like it.

I am a dinosaur, I guess


Happy New Year to you supplement junkies!


Awesome man, this flavor is the best!!!