New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I hear yo on this…I know which products work best for me, but I am always trying new companies or versions of products rather than sticking with what I know works!!! It makes supplements more fun this way IMO.


Look for it as one of the next flavor launches. :wink:


Blood Orange Xtend is outstanding


i concur, but… like Freedom Ice more (i think that’s what they call their version of rocket pop)


Ever consider a SodaStream? Maybe that’ll tide you over sometimes. Combine it with Gaspari pre workout! :blush:


I’ve almost bought this like 5 times. Is the carbonation on par with manufactured products?


@Dougefresh93 That one is also really good.

@Mike This man knows… :point_up_2:


I’d certainly say so. I got one awhile back and I love it for just making plain sparkling water


Alright - review time once these little guys get cold!


Next Collab for Ghost


I just keep thinking creatine


I’m not a fan of the proprietary aspect of it. Its decent but rather pricey due to the size of the CO2 canisters, and the cost to refill them.


Drops tomorrow


“Top PreWorkout” my ass


Damn these are awesome, crispy, airy, loaded with flavor raspberry hits u hard and then chocolate. I could eat all 9 packs in one sitting easy. I am shocked how good they are.

I hate 99.5% of all bars, cookies, wafers etc… these have set the bar as my new 10/10 (for flavor/texture at least) they are that fucking good.


Sounds good! Love a well done raspberry.


Don’t think I have ever spoken well of a ON product in many years, that should speak volumes of how much I like these (or at least the raspberry flavor).


Grab the Outright Wafers when you can. I know you made the assumption they looked dry, but I have a feeling you will be a fan.


Consider yourself owned


I LOVE the Outright Wafers. I’ll try these, despite the convenient timing of their inception