New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Dragonfruit tastes like the metaphysical concept of fruit


This is NOT anything close to a traditional Dragonfruit flavor that you would be thinking of. There’s a lot going on in this flavor, fruity, tart, sweet and candy. If you thought Cherry Limeade was a 10 this just made it a 6​:muscle::muscle::muscle:


I’ve never had a nor fought a Dragonfruit in my life (that I’m aware of)…but I did enjoy the Dragonfruit IntraBlast…


Thanks to @TheSolution and @Matt_Towson for this suggestion. This is the best tasting Greens supplement I’ve had - and the only one admittedly that I’m still drinking a week later.

Admittedly the first couple of days I thought I was in the middle of a remake of Alien because my stomach would make some bizarre noises, but that calmed down shortly thereafter and I really like this…


Oh crap I never thought about that option. I set it to 30 replies in a row. Sorry!


Ha not sure that new NutraBio flavor was supposed to be leaked yet… :stuck_out_tongue:


if that’s the BIG news, it’s not that big.



(Damn that complete sentence rule :roll_eyes:)



Oh nevermind, Dragon Fruit Intra Blast is already on sale there per our news page


Xtend Carbonated


With Xtend’s flavoring, and knowing how amazing C4 RTD tastes, I am sooooo down for Xtend Carbonated.


I liked the original Xtend RTD’s so I’m pretty curious about these


I haven’t been this excited about a product in a long time. Finally a carbonated drink without caffeine! I wasn’t a fan of Bang’s caffeine free drink. In fact, I thought it tasted terrible.


Really excited about these.


Xtend Carbonated is very tasty! Should be a big seller.


$2.50 a can… i’ll get a tub of Freedom Ice or Blood Orange and get 30 servings for my $30 (price of a 12 pack of cans)

that’s just me, bubbles aren’t a selling point.

even with that said, i’ll end up trying them.


That’s my issue. I’m a carbonated drink addict. Why can’t I be content buying a 2-liter of diet Sunkist or Sprite Zero? I’ll never know… because I’m a sucker, I guess.


i totally get it…

i’m a sucker for the “newest” new pre, new flavor, etc… i’ll buy it, trade for, try it. Even with my staple products pretty much set, always want the latest and 'greatest"


If blood orange is a flavor I’ll buy one to try