New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Xtend Elite drops 125mg Ashwagandha and 3g Citrulline Malate in favor of 1g Citrulline Nitrate
New Label


This is pretty cool. While I am a fan of Ashwaganda, i’m also a fan of nitrates


125mg is pretty small to get any real benefit out of it for ashwagandha. I personally like the nitrate inclusion better. Especially if you stack with a C4 product to enhance the amount of nitrates (C4, C4 Ripped/Extreme/Ultimate or Ultimate Power)


And unless supplementing with other forms of Ashwaghanda, 125mg is negligible and won’t offer noticeable benefits, in my opinion.


Was it Sensoril or just plain jane Ashwaganda?


Normally I’ve seen Sensoril dosed at 125mg


Sensoril. I am still in favor of the Nitrate for the intra-workout instead of Ashwagandha. Just personal preference


I like both! I’ve been interested in how to keep cortisol levels in check Intra/post training. It’s a subject that’s been keeping me curious the past couple of months


Sensoril at 125mg is enough but intra doesn’t make any sense.

I love nitrates but how much of a gram of this is actually nitrates?


About 250mg


So ineffective then


Unless you dosed with nitrates for your pre-workout. I think this is sort of a “pinch” to extend the benefits you may already have.


Correct, just like I stated above
You can stack Xtend Elite with any of their C4 pre-workouts to give you extra nitrates from their ingredient profiles.


This is going to look very slick in their new labeling.


Nitrates need an acute and fairly high dose for their effects. I don’t see how adding not enough (actually can reverse instead) then sipping another smaller dosage over an hour or two well after the first dosecan make this effective unless someone with research can show otherwise.


Valid point, but it will vary from person to person. For example, my intra is taken roughly 45min after my pre, so I think there is a compound effect. Speaking anecdotally of course.


Dragonfruit EAA Pure
Next up from Nutrabio


Dragon Fruit itself, tastes like fruit that gave up on life… it’s void of flavor, at best tastes like an extremely weak kiwi.


I have not been let down by a nutrabio flavor I have tried in any of their amino’s or pre-workouts. I won’t make an assumption until I give it a crack. Their Cherry Limeade was flawless.


I’m speaking strictly of the fruit itself… it’s not sweet or sour or tart, it’s a nothing.

Prob smart calling it “candy”, so it can be sweet in flavor