New supplement thread

New supplement thread


I’m not mad at all the companies doing cereal flavors. They taste great and just give all of us more options from each company.


I agree, but the problem is some of the companies totally miss the mark with the flavoring. There are quite a few brands you can really trust with a lot of protein flavors, some are very hit or miss.


Ghost Whey PB or Dymatize Iso100 PB…pour on cocoa rice crispies.

You are all welcome!


I’ve been doing this with cereal for a whileeee now. One of my favorite treats :yum:




Hmmm, that’s a cool looking label for sure. I’d imagine a few flavors at launch?


Bout time! Any flavor leaks?


@Nappy_Nerd @Matt_Towson Soon! There are some good ones in the works.

P.S. If I could have someone bump my Glycophase log, I would very much appreciate it… can’t post more than three replies in a row which is frustrating.


:grin::grin::grin: exited for you guys! Can’t wait to see what you all have up your sleeves!


Still waiting for @Mike to ha sleep this. I can’t.


That’s dumb as hell. Nice to see Gaspari producing again.


Long slow process, believe me it’s been painful on us, basically starting from scratch.

With the older products like SuperPump, Myofusion, etc. big sellers internationally the priority was to fill those orders and crank out those products 1st.

Getting back to new and innovative products is our goal for 2019.


You guys still using the Hi-Tech designer? Was expecting to see a new look


We are free and clear of hi tech, in what way does that look like HTP? All designs by Gaspari while with HTP, were done by Gaspari, from all I know (been told).


I dgaf what the design looks like. I just want to know if that cinnamon crunch flavor will be made like the OG.


It was one of eight flavors, that I know of that are in the works for Proven Whey.


@Matt_Towson :grimacing:

@Adidasshorts About damn time!

@Msseffect What my colleague said - we are liberated and everything is from and by us.


Maybe it’s the inverse then, their “Precision Protein” has the Gaspari look with a HTP logo on it. Wasn’t sure who owned the IP, either way haven’t tried any Gaspari proteins before. Hopefully you guys bring some novel flavors to the market.


There one flavor that really sticks out to me that we discussed… it will be 100% original, fingers crossed it happens, legit feel it will be epic.

If it does happen, we can run a guess the flavor giveaway promo here.

Fingers crossed.


Howdy lads, been off the internet since about the 16th, to keep from having to read through 200+ new posts in this thread, any new exciting things happen in the past couple weeks, or just mundane stuff since it was close to Christmas?