New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Free, free, and free. :smiley:

Haven’t tried any of these ever. Pretty excite!


Got mines too, couldn’t believe they shipped




Waiting for @GaspariNutrition to get on the basic b train. What’s up guys? Lol


I just got my Genius Pre today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I checked the other two out but decided I could do without. Just takes up space. Let us know how they are though!


That’s something


Did Cinnamon Cereal Crunch already a good bit ago, I’m sure we’ll have that flavor again, once manufacturing ramps up. Nothing but positive feedback on that flavor from us. We appreciate your continued support. :+1:


That neopolitan though…


And to loop back to early AM today…

Gameday is $40 with a free metal shaker on A1.

I have a few of those shakers, they’re are very noice.


That flavor was legit


This is going to be amazing!!! Wonder if there will be specials or deals on each flavor when it releases?


That precision protein cinnamon cereal and blueberry muffin were the two best flavors I’ve had, of either of those options.

Please bring them back!


Random nitpick, I think 95% or something is better then 110% or completely transparent, or what ever is use as the term.
The main reason is no company will ever reveal what is in the flavoring.


@Msseffect Haha we did Cinnamon Cereal Crunch which was awesome, probably my 2nd favorite flavor next to Neapolitan in that product. Who knows what might happen in the future. :smirk:

@Matt_Towson They were excellent!


Rule 1 getting into the cereal game too

Rule One Proteins has put together are Fruity Cereal for the whey isolate supplement R1 Protein, and Toasted Cinnamon Cereal for the blend formula R1 Whey Blend.


Had the Myth Amino this morning. The pink lemonade flavor is actually really good. The tub and powder consistency reminded me of Primeval’s EAA Max. The pink lemonade, in about 26-28oz cold water, was just sweet enough with strawberry/lemonade flavor. I forget exactly what a true pink lemonade tastes like as it’s been forever since I had one, but I believe this is pretty spot on. Excited to try both pre’s. :smiley:


I’m thinking at this point that ‘bros’ should simply sprinkle protein powder on your bowl of cereal…


Have you had the MSI crispy cookie?


Just make a shake and pour on cereal = anabolic gains

I have been doing the PB Bumpers + PB Cups Sparta

Put it on top of bread pudding:

Works on pancakes:

Or french toast:


^ that stuff works well in pics, but is something i would never eat more than a bite of.