New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Man Sports is a completely open formula too ???


A-aron stated in a IG post “from whey” on those cereal bars… hope i shamed him into using it, instead of beef


The 110% transparent label i.e. the open “Other Ingredients”


I have actually never seen that before.
Must be living under a rock. Then again I do live in Erie, so yeah LOL


THIS was exactly my thought when I saw that post about the ON coming out with a wafer too


Well it’s a breakfast bar…and whey comes from milk, so I would hope to god for a cereal bar, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to use beef and salmon protein :roll_eyes: kind of goes against the theme doesn’t it? Lmao


Everyone getting into the cereal themed protein game


Personally, I don’t mind it. Vanilla and chocolate may be good, but they’re exceptionally boring. Adapt with the times or die out


The Fruity Hoops name is funny…Reminds me of the Bruno Mars song ‘Chunky’…‘the girls with the big ol’ hoops’…

See very hip for an older guy.


Cereal is cool, but I’m waiting for something new. It’s a copycat industry, but I’m excited to see the next trend of flavor “themes.”

Nabisco Cookies? Partnerships with name brand candy? More ice cream collaborations?

IHOP pancake flavors?!?! Who knows!


Speaking of nabisco cookies.
Ghost CCCD with actual cookie pieces…

I am ready!


Wait…Cookies and Cream is the first CC…what is the CD?


Chocolate chip cookie dough


I’m all for some more peanut butter and jelly flavors…like that one I saw from USN. I really need to try that at some point. But yes! Crazy flavors! Hostess, ding dongs, carrot cake, Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Cream collabs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chocolate chip cookie dough


I posted this not even a day ago :slight_smile:


I was specifically told there would be no thinking today. Thank you Anthony.


When I grew up CCD meant something entirely different…


Ain’t that like Sunday school or something? I don’t know, haven’t been religious in some time