New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Reps gonna rep. :grin:


Can’t wait to try these! :grimacing:


My YT review on those will be up tomorrow! Can’t wait to dig into them.


People getting really hyped for these, can’t think of the last time I’ve craved a wafer. No a wow food for me, hope they taste good


It’s because it’s a functional food company. The outright bars were fantastic


MTS Protein Wafer Review.
Full review in another thread with write-up


^ looks and sound dry as hell :slight_smile:


@Nappy_Nerd did you find these dry? I sure as hell did not


Nope, not dry at all. Perfect Wafer consistency. I can see this rocking out in a Red Velvet flavor if he decides to run these :yum:


@SteelerBill13 hit me with the pun


I think the best response is



Let’s do this!


You are in for a treat @Matt_Towson


Man, you lucky dawg, I literally bought a tub of MTS right as this sale hit on Xtend :sob:


Good things so far! Will have a review up this week!


Looking forward to it!


My customers are eating the 25% off deal left and right. In for your feedback @Matt_Towson


So wait…they are eating 25% of the protein powder? Does that in essence isolate the Isolate?


I think 25% percent of daily protein intake being via shakes, is about as high as I’d go.

Oh wait, that’s not what you meant. :slight_smile:


You got the goods!