New supplement thread

New supplement thread


Great to hear, when I tried it at HQ in September I thought cookie butter was the weakest flavor. I am sure the team made some tweaks before launch, so i can’t wait to give it a go! The chocolate and vanilla while basic flavors were both dynamite.


Cookie butter is always a win. @Dougefresh93 sent me some jars and made me a believer


Cookie butter is world peace in a jar

#3132 This looks so good.


New Snacks on the way

^^ Some more others


Three Sparta Flavors confirmed


I’m pretty interested by these bars. I wonder what the profiles will look like? I also hope they aren’t using IMO’s. I don’t tolerate those at all, hence why it’s rare for me to ever eat a quest or ONE bar


Trying to get this info now. Will post once I get the green light from Mo!


:DDDDDDDD Can’t wait to hear what you find out!


Sparta vs Redcon1

battle of the cereal flavored bars.

i’d make Sparta 20 to 1 favors to win on flavor.


I’m going with Sparta too


Sparta will crush them. But I will give both a fair shake.


Sparta has it down with the flavors for sure


Someone please invoke ‘This is Sparta!’




220 Calories
20g Protein
37g Carbs
4-5g Fat

ETA End of December / Early Jan



240 calories
20g of protein
28g of carbohydrates
6g of fat
8g of sugar

EDIT: Redcon has a better photographer.


My only complaint is I do not want 10g of fiber in the dang bar…it’s a snack, I’ll get my fiber from my meals :confounded::sob: I don’t want to literally shit the bar back out in it’s entirety :neutral_face:


Anyone looking to try out the new Xtend Pro, has an amazing intro deal on it currently