New Routine Starts

New Routine Starts


Now that I have just started another “cycle” after many years I will be switching up my training routine starting this week. I will move from a 4 day workout routine to 5 days. I will again follow the PHAT style training with each body part twice a week with a power day and a hypertrophy day for each part.


Love PHAT, that was my original workout plan, will probably go back to it in a year or so. What kind of cycle we looking at here? Different SARMS or different dosages?


The cycle is SARMS Big Brother…:slight_smile: Yeah, I enjoy the PHAT training quite a bit.


Ah gotcha, wasn’t sure if you were switching up the different ones you did or staying with your usual cycle. Although, I guess switching up might be hard now that they’ve been cracked down on. Do you have a supplier, or are you down to your personal stash?


I still have plenty of SARMS but I wanted to take it up a notch since I plan to compete next year.