New PPK Editions-win one of Pump, Power or Shred!

New PPK Editions-win one of Pump, Power or Shred!

Blue Star Nutraceuticals is proud to announce its first PricePlow forum promo! We just changed the PPK formula adding new additions based on what your needs are and we want PP members to try it!

The new Pump series features new additions of Citrulline Malate, Agmatine and theanine. Comes in some great flavors like Lemon Bomb and Sour Watermelon.

The Power series features new additions creatine and Betaine along with the beta alanine and PeakATP. It comes in Pink Lemonade, Pineapple Mango and Pina Colada.

The Shred series is a whole new formula but still features some of the same PPK compounds like caffeine and PeakATP. Comes in flavors like Mango Margarita and Watermelon Mojito.

It’s simple to win. Tell me which series you are interested in getting and why. What are you goals and how can PPK help you. I would like your flavor choice as well.

I will be giving away one container from each series for a total of 3 winners chosen! All over the next week or so.

Anyone following us on IG as well will have extra consideration.

If you win, you will need to do a forum review on here. I would like two reviews, one with your first acute use and the second after you have used it a week (5 uses). That’s it! Pretty simple

Good luck everyone and all are welcome to enter!

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New supplement thread

Sign me up for the Power. I like the additions of agmatine and citrulline in the pump, but Theanine comes on way too slow for me to mellow out a pre-workout. Betaine, beta-alanine, and creatine all help improve power and performance. The power formula is flexible with a pump product (Vasoblitz, CN3, NO3 Chrome, Bulk Potassium Nitrate, Noxygen) to get the best of both worlds. I am not dieting so the shred does not apply to me at the moment, but I would be glad to give you a forum review, Youtube review, and also post on social media if that is what the company needs.

Flavor: Pineapple Mango or Pink Lemonade… have you tried them and what are your thoughts?


Oh I’m all about the pump baby, so sign me up for that, preferably in lemon bomb.

Currently just working on maintaining performance and size since I’m in volleyball season right now. Love getting nasty pumps in the gym in the meantime while I’m off from powerlifting.

Loved the OG PPK for leg day. Cream soda flavor was bomb

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In to support my Blue Star bro. :facepunch:

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Interested in the power series. Like the Peak ATP dose along with the lower dose of caffeine per scoop. Also like that the other ingredients does not include maltodextrin like some of the other series do.

My goals now are weight loss and body recomp while trying to maintain strength on the compound lifts.

Flavor choice, pineapple mango. Following on IG as well

Thank you


I like the pineapple mango over pink lemonade. It mixes better imo as well

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Great entries and thanks @GaspariDan


Put me in for the power series as well. I workout purely for Strength, and size is just a welcome addition. I have put Beta Alanine to the test and proved it has worked for me in the past, at least to lower rest time in between sets. Creatine and Betaine are always my go to’s for daily supplementing (as they are usually in what I take, if not I take them separate). PeakATP I do not have much experience with, but the combination of ingredients here sounds great and makes a lot of sense in my goals for pure, raw strength. Pineapple Mango would be my first choice, followed by Pink Lemonade. I’ll follow you guys on IG as well (Chris_and_Chuck), and thanks for doing this.


I would love to get to try the Shred series! Just starting to cut after a long bulk over the winter and want to shred some body fat before the summer. This product seems perfect to help me achieve my goals without sacrificing much strength over the next few months. The mango margarita flavor sounds delicious!

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I’d have to go with Pump here in the Lemon flavor. I would say BSN is an under-rated company. They have some really good products.


Yeah everyone is interested in that flavor particularly. I have a tub coming, curious myself

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Nobody in for Shred?!? It’s almost pool season!

Sign me up for Shred in Mango Margarita. About to start a cut to drop down to 5-6% body fat. I’m all for the help!


F that… Donuts taste too good :slight_smile:


In for Shred. I’ll be cutting until Memorial Day and could you use all the help I can get. I normally work out first thing in the morning so a big kick is welcomed then. I’m down for Mango Margarita. I’ve done tons of reviews and logs including a log on this site so I’m more than happy to provide two reviews. Rodefeeh is following Blue Star on Instagram. I’ve never tried any Blue Star products. Thanks for the promo!

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I was initially interested in shred but then I looked at the ingredients. Don’t understand why there is almost 5g of maltodextrin in each serving. While not a big deal, seems odd to have maltodextrin in a weight loss focused product.


I would agree. Don’t need the carbs - but those would be converted and used very quickly if taken pre workout.


True but when in a caloric deficit, I would much rather eat my carbs vs. drink them, even if it is just 5g :smiley:

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Carnitine in general has better uptake with carbs, even a small amount.


Interesting. I’ve used pure carnitine supplements that almost have always said to take on an empty stomach.

Thank you for the information


All 3 look interesting. However, if you put a gun to my head I’d have to go with Pump in sour watermelon. Due to the fact that I’m doing OMAD keto right now and the carb and glycogen depletion is a killer psychologically. 22 hours fasted workouts on keto and I’ll take all the pump I can get, haha. My current concoction works decent though👍

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