New nutrabio pre flavor beta

Talked to @Extrabeef about the new blue razz flavor the other day if fact. He’s already sent it to @CJ and we’ll be reviewing it whenever it arrives!

It depends on how “blue razzy” it is…if it’s more lemonade-ish like we’ve seen with a few other recent blue razz releases I’ll enjoy it, but if it’s not…

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@Extrabeef did my address make it through, or was it one of the casualties of an exploding inbox? :joy:

Stoked to try this today.

I was showing a co-worker and he also wants to try a scoop, so I’ll spread the wealth and get his thoughts. I’m pretty sure he’s a blue razz fan in general because he was also sipping blue razz Bang the other day.

Offer still available?

Looks like it exploded…send me your address!

yessir get your shipping address to me!

Sent! :smile:

Spoiler alert

Sipping on one scoop of my sample now.

12oz coldish water + 1 serving of this pre = liquid…




We’re experimenting with adding more “mouth feel” to our pres as our older flavors were very thin. I love the thick round flavor of this formula! It reminds me of exactly that!


Mouth feel you say…

I never thought of that aspect when it comes to using a supplement, but now that you mention, this does almost have a liquid, candy like texture going down. It doesn’t feel any particular way on initial sip, but down the throat it feels like a hard candy kind of syrupy texture. That’s actually really cool. This truly has a blue razz candy type of mouth feel.

My mind is officially blown. REALLY tasty the more I drink it. :smiley:

Mouth feel is a real thing! @Mike learned about it in his NutraBio Flavoring 101 and 112 classes down here.


Oooh now I really gotta try. @Extrabeef is this new mouthfeel in the stim-free PRE watermelon that was sent? I still gotta bust that open!

Mouthfeel is one reason why I think most companies are getting the “gummy bear” thing wrong. When I tasted the “sliminess” of Gaspari’s Hyper Amino, I realized how much better it was and why others are missing the ‘gummy’ mark.

I think I’m starting to come down (slowly, not crashing) from that amazing energy. Wow… I’m saving my words at the moment but that was incredible. :open_mouth:

I agree, Its why I oppose putting GMS in anything.

Nope, Blue Raspberry is the first flavor we’ve sent out that I would say has this sensation.

Taking another dose of this today so i’m pretty excited!

My fiance is feeling a bit sick so she hasn’t had a chance to take her scoop. :frowning:

That’s the blue-est spirulina I’ve ever seen! Impressive! I’m digging


Looking forward to your thoughts, Mike!

Got the beta in, thanks Beef. I will use it tomorrow or Thursday. I am always floored by the serving size of this pwo. Talk about an all in one wow

Pm sent.
I have not had one bad supplement from nutrabio.
Every rep they have are knowledgeable and very polite people.