New nutrabio pre flavor beta

Who wants to try out the new PRE flavor from NutraBio?!

I’ve got a few betas here on my desk and I’ll ship them out this afternoon.

If you’re interested PM me your address


I’ll give it a shot. Give me a break from NutraBio Caffeine pills

I’m down, enjoyed the intra beta

PM me your address guys!

PM’d! Been wanting to try NutraBio anything, love tasting different products, and especially love a solid formulated pre… Thank you for the opportunity, Extrabeef!

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PM sent! I’ve always heard good things from Nutrabio, been waiting patiently for my intra blast to get here. Thanks Extrabeef!

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Ooooooooh I know what it is! Get some to CJ at least please!

Thanks for doing this here @Extrabeef!

Im game if you still want to give out some samples. I PM’d my address to you already. If you don’t have it, let me know and I will resend it. Thanks.

I sent some to you and some to CJ monday, should be arriving today.

I’m going to try to migrate a lot of our forum traffic here since these users are so engaged and interested.

please resend it, my inbox died from this lol

Thanks a ton man! I have honestly not done a good job promoting this forum externally. I’ve enjoyed our smaller crew for now, and my life is kinda… wild… lately.

Let’s talk about what you need to do to succeed here!

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Let’s set up a call. @Kon_Rock and I are ready to rock this forum for you and I’ve gotten PMs from other forums talking about how well this forum will go


@Extrabeef - Just wanted to say… Fastest shipping ever. I was just notified that my sample was delivered… A mere 23 hours after messaging you. Sweeeet. :smiley:

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Heck yeah, lets make it happen :slight_smile:


Yeah man I saw where you were and knew it’d be quick, enjoy!


Sample received! 100% didn’t expect this, but I’m stoked. I think I mentioned it via PM, but I’ve been dying to get my hands on some quality NutraBio product and this just did it! Really excited to give this all a whirl. Trying the pre and Intra Blast for tomorrow’s workout. Will report back with initial thoughts. :smiley:

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@Robert won’t be too excited about this one :joy:

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I’ve known for a month or two what was coming… didn’t tell anyone, just told them “You might just wanna send that to CJ” :blush:

I thought it was going to be “Bomb Pop” - but, I’m glad it isn’t. Excited to try out Pre. I’ve only ever used Pre Extreme. Not sure how their flavorings compare.

Damn you got the hook up! Now I really can’t wait for mine to get here.

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