New Log - XGels

New Log - XGels

Here’s what I’m about to be running, X-Gels with all the complements. All my usual muscle builders are good, I run creatine, betaine, BA, etc. I’ve also ran a half cycle of 1-Andro before, and before running anything similar again, I wanted to try a non hormonal approach. This is to see if X-Gels will be the answer, and if not, see what they’re gonna do for me


Day 1:
6 X-Gels
1g GlycerPump

Off to the gym!

Update, not much to report. Good gym sesh with shoulders and a nice pump but nothing out of the ordinary

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Good luck!!!


Day 2:
Killer leg day, ran by my juiced up friend who is about 7 years older. Learned a lot, which was nice. I’m also dying because it was so difficult. No noticeable DOM’s yet but weirdly I noticed my normally achy shoulders feel kind of better. Inflammation helping heal maybe? Will look into further.

6 X-Gels
1g glycerpump
1 scoop Clear Cut Pre
1 pill Dexamine Black


Morning update: My legs are insanely sore. Maybe X-Gels, maybe just a really good leg day. Not usually this sore after such low rep work though

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Day 3, usual stack plus Vapor One and a KNO3 tab.

Tried doing back but just wasn’t really feeling it today, shitty night’s, so went for a walk in the sun instead. My legs are absolutely toasted as well. Still had to play volleyball though which was killer. Hitting chest tomorrow, hoping for a better day.

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I would of told you to get of Stims for a couple of weeks before running this. You’re not going to be feeling it often and the extra boost would of helped pushed through that.


Seems like it would have been a good call. Thankfully, Vapor is one of my light pre’s so we will see how future days go. Going to get some good rest tonight, maybe some adaptogens tomorrow, and try again


Quick update, ran my chest day and it was killer. Lowered my nitrate intake and yet pumps are still insane, leading me to believe the ARA is contributing to pumps. May cut out the other nitrate tab too. Noticed some nice water pumps from this glycerol as well. Regardless of running X-Gels, I do love the GlycerPump. May crack a tab open to see how the raw tastes actually.

Leg DOMS are still with me at the moment, but this isn’t insanely out of the ordinary when I go hard. No other muscle groups are very sore, but it has been a light week. Took a rest day today since finals week is kicking my ass, and want my performance in this log to be optimal. Looking forward to what else is in store!

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Update, killer arm day with nasty pumps.
Still no noticeable DOMS and I am fully recovered from leg day. Have not noticed any significant changes yet. Lifting today will be very minimal, likely just a quick pump before senior prom


Have fun at prom.

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Quick shoulder day before prom, not much to comment on there.

Legs the day after, where I had an absolutely killer pump. Surprisingly, my shoulders were actually a little sore from the day before, despite not doing much volume at all

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I’d have to look up the link again, but a long time ago, there was a post on SuppVersity saying arachidonic acid actually led to lower inflammation in the body. This is likely due to the exact reason people take the ARA in the first place, to increase the inflammation resolution in the body. Still, lots of people report more achy joints while running, not less. Thanks for reporting!


Is this the link??


2 day update, had a nasty back day. Cut out nitrates and still had some insane pumps. I think I can safely say that ARA has a nice contribution to pumps.

For arm day, I’m just using my X-Gel stack without pre to test effects. Wanted to confirm that it’s helping with pumps, and it’s clear that it does.

Physical changes? Not much I’ve noticed. Weight is steady. Muscles feel a bit fuller, and forearms are a bit larger.

No noticeable DOMS still which is nice


Not the actual joint, but the rotator cuff muscles specifically. I’ve had bad rotator cuffs for awhile and suffered an injury that I did PT for about 2 years back


First day without volleyball, and had a killer leg day. Arez Titanium for pre, and smashed legs. Lotta soreness in my chest from yesterday though. I can already feel the post volleyball season cold coming on though, so will try to prevent that with some rest and vitamins


Hard to say. That’s just taking me to my Facebook main page.


Came down with a cold, so took a few light days. Back day was great, and the DOMS in my traps from shrugs is actually quite noticeable. Overall, I quite like how the ARA helps my pumps, and it definitely seems to give a slight increase to muscle size from the inflammation.

The GlycerPump is also a great addition to your daily preworkouts that already have some other osmolytes. You get some nice water pumps when it’s put with taurine and betaine. Overall, quite happy with both products thus far

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2 weeks in now? Any strength gains? I tried ARA in the past and didn’t notice anything.