NEW ENERGY DRINK! | C4 Original On The Go Review

NEW ENERGY DRINK! | C4 Original On The Go Review



Love the bombsicle !


Really like the amount of caffeine in here. Had the Limeade and really liked the flavor. Solid product, besides the dye of course.


Just tried the Tropical Blast. Pretty tasty. And 200 mg caffeine is just right for me. I won’t use it for a pre, but definitely an occasional sweet replacement for my morning coffee.


Just got a case of Frozen Bombsicle. I like it, but I enjoy Tropical Blast more…more citrus flavor, less “fruity” than FB


You should time twisted limeade. My favorite!
I rank them
Lime, Bomb, Tropical, Strawberry (in that order). Took me a while but lime really grew on me and I like it the most now.


Lime is the only one I’m tried so far, and besides the Tropical, it may be the only one I want to. Artificial watermelon makes me gag, and blue flavored products may as well be Dawn dish soap to me now.

I agree though, that Lime flavor is great


Don’t write off bombsicle until you try it
Blue raspberry is a flavor that is saturated in the market but they did a great job


I’m going to try it, send you the video, and you’ll be the first to know if I dump it or like it


You can send the rest my way I’ll gladly put them to good use