Starting out I purchased myprotein products because of their wide variety of products and their low prices with product deals almost every week it seems like! I couldn’t go wrong with a $17 dollar bag of good tasting protein powder that would last me a month. The pricing on their products are very cheap, but with cheap pricing you can’t get everything. I have tried every single one of their protein powder flavors and let me tell you they are all outstanding and they know what they are doing when it comes to flavoring. But I have weighed a few bags and they have come short of product which really kills me! Their shaker cup is also very cheaply made as sometimes when you shake it up it splashes around everywhere even though the top was on. (This happens in some product reviews on priceplow) If you want cheap good tasting protein with a few mistakes in the amount of product in each bag, try out myprotein. Anyone else try myprotein out? Let me hear how you like it and what’s you absolutely hate! Thanks!!

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I’ve tried a couple of their protein flavors, Salted Caramel, Mocha and Rocky Road being one of the top ones. They do have some bad ones, not a fan of the Boston Cream pie or the C&C. A good option for those on a tight budget

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It seems that the flavors are VERY hit or miss, and there’s almost an overwhelming amount of stuff to review. They have literally thousands of SKUs! I’m not even sure it’s all perfectly organized in our back-end.

I tried them once since I managed to get a big bag of casein for a really nice price, and I do like the protein, but during my order I forgot something, canceled it and reordered about a minute after I ordered.

Well they canceled one item, the casien which I would have been fine having extra of, but kept the BCAAs and creatine, which I already got a kg of, I messaged them about 3 times trying to make sure it was properly canceled, it wasn’t, so I try to return it to them but they wouldn’t pay for shipping, so I see how much it was and it would have cost me nearly half the price I paid to return it aside from being a massive pain. I contact them and after about 3 back and forth they final offer to pay for about 20% of the shipping cost(I forget the exact %). At that point I said fuck it and decided to never order from them again.

This is also one of the things that lead to my policy of PayPal-ing everything.

The flavor on the BCAA’s and creatine were terrible btw, Its like they just added the flavor with no adjustments, which does not work for bcaas.

Interesting. Do you hook a credit card up to it, bank account, or leave cash in there?

Makes sense though - PayPal is not a credit card institution really and will nearly always take your side unless there’s tons of evidence of negligence on your end.

LOL! I agree with the amount of products. It’s kind of rediculous to look at everything they have.

I can’t say I’m a fan of the BCAAS I normally have nutrabio products for those. Have you tried myprotein orange flavored creatine? It’s great!

And that is bullshit that they didn’t pay for your shipping. If you ever have problems like that with companies post them on these forums so we are aware! Thanks for the heads up I’ll keep it in mind.

Hooked up to my bank account, I do give leeway to companies that have a good track record, IE amazon.

They on the one hand are bad for good services, but as I’ve learned good services are the minority. I feel bad for the companies screwed over by it but it’s kind of a necessary evil when companies refuse to give good customer support

Nope, orange tends to be a good flavor though, I got the blue raspberry.

The only other one that’s relevant was “supplement hunt” who I purchased package insurance from with my order, had something come in damaged, tried to contact 3 times with no response then PayPal’d it, Long story short they wouldn’t replace the item, and offered a partial refund, I asked for that to include the package insurance because I had to escalate it, they never replied, the clock to reply ran out and I got a full refund.

I’m guessing that’s partially why they have the no paypal/amazon pay on certain items now.

Right. I’ve only received one damage item and it was a pill container with white kidney bean extract pills. The top was broken and the label was torn but it had all of the pills in it so it was okay. We have to get to the bottom of this. I thought it might of been a one time thing. But if many people are receiving defective orders then we have to do something about it.

Did you get it from myprotein or supplement hunt? The damaged order was the SH. I honestly just ascribe it to a bad area and poor luck.

As my brother told me when he was here “this area is meth town”, He went on to describe it as awesome but perspective I guess.

Nope just a regular monthly order that I decided to throw in som extra stuff because of the sale they were having.

I bought the 11lb bag of cinnamon roll and I really love it. If you like cinnamon flavored things it’s on point. Anyone tried the snickerdoodle? That’s the one I’m probably going to order next. $50 for 11lb’s is tough to beat. I’ll be sure to weigh my next bag to make sure it’s all there but this stuff has lasted me awhile. Not my post workout protein but just protein I use to get some extra in throughout the day.

The BCAAs I ordered weren’t very soluable. It made them less than pleasant in my opinion.

Wow I’ve never wanted to buy the 11lb bag because I was afraid I would get tired of the flavor.

As I’ve heard. I’ll be sure to not pick those up. Thanks!

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I don’t think I have ever used any of their products

Late to the party here - but Dear God those guy’s have a ton on their website…my head is spinning

I currently use their Impact Whey Isolate after I got a good deal for 2 of the 5.5 pound bags. I have Rocky Road and Chocolate Mint. Both are good, with the edge to Choc Mint IMO.

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Even with their huge popularity, I have never used one MyProtein product. Nothing against them, I just never think of them when I plan on buying anything lol.