My Keto Diet Review: Thoughts After Three Years

My Keto Diet Review: Thoughts After Three Years

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After three “runs” on the ketogenic diet, I’d like to lay out my thoughts, and where I see the future heading. Or at least, where I see my future with it heading. Follow along on video This article was also turned into a video. It differs in details, but is… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


Excellent summary, and well-referenced! I’m going to pass this along to folks who ask me a lot of those questions this post answers :grin:


@Mike…one question. I thought you were being knocked out of ketosis with high protein, but in the blog post you are praising high protein for yourself. Did that change (or did I skip a sentence :laughing:)?


Thanks Chad!

My ketones would sometimes dip below 0.5, yes. But… who cares? I felt fine, blood sugar wasn’t skyrocketing, and was really only annoyed that my reviews seemed weaker.

No doubt, if you do something like a carnivore diet or “kinda carnivore” diet, your cruising altitude will be higher glucose and lower ketones than “hardcore textbook keto”. But, from an athlete’s perspective, it’s a no brainer. “Too much” protein (which isn’t even a possible thing IMHO) is wayyyy better than too little protein.


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Excellent article Mike. The best shape I ever achieved was when I “kinda-ketoed” it back in my early twenties. I simply ate 50g protein, such as an Isopure RTD and a sheltons turkey stick at the health food store I worked at. I was still hitting 250-300g/day protein and fat was about 100-150 from meat, fish, and flax oil. I looked amazing and felt amazing. Then I “learned,” about the right way to keto and with the minimizing of protein and upping the fat I never came close to my old condition. Of course age and hormones play a role with 16 years passing since my best ever condition but over consumption of protein and the boogeyman known as gluconeogenesis is completely overblown in my personal experience. Of course this is for me and not someone treating a very serious disease.

This is one of the best posts I have read in a while Mike, a real page turner and I look forward to seeing the journey continue. I personally am embarking on a similar journey in an attempt to recapture past success to whatever extent my current life, health and hopefully future progeny allow. Either way we are going to learn something and it sure keeps life interesting and fresh to move forward with our past mistakes and victories guiding us. Keep the great work coming my friend.

Out of curiosity what are your morning fasted BG numbers like? I recently resumed testing and have found a great meter that was $8.00 with 50 test strips for $7.00. Tested mine this morning and it was 71. Very happy to have this as the start of my research. Take care.