My Daily BodyBuilding Advice

My Daily BodyBuilding Advice


You should concern yourself more with when the next best sale on the price of chicken, beef, and steak at your grocery store is more than when the next supplement comes out. :slight_smile:


but who was fish?


I don’t think anyone will argue that, but I mean, this is a supplement website. We’re here to talk about supplements. You are too, otherwise you wouldn’t have been hanging around PricePlow before the forums went live.


I guess if you eat fish…LOL I will eat it every once in awhile but not often.


I agree. My reason behind the post is I constantly hear from people at the gym, online, or wherever, what supplements you take. It’s never what diet are you on or what do you recommend food wise. People miss the basics.


Kinda related… Our InstantPot saved our marriage during my shredding for the upcoming competition. My wife makes a 5-day batch of chicken breast and brown rice in there for my “bro diet” lunches to bring to work. 5 oz chicken + 1/4 cup brown rice per serving…stores and freezes nicely…and most importantly my wife doesn’t want to kill me.