MuscleTech Nitro Tech Vanilla Funnel Cake Review

MuscleTech Nitro Tech Vanilla Funnel Cake


Vanilla Funnel Cake – Funnel Cakes are a popular dessert you find at a fair. They are deep fried dough that is covered in powdered sugar. At first I thought this would be a glorified vanilla, but I was wrong. This flavor is heavy on cake batter with a luscious sugary aftertaste. I personally really enjoy this because funnel cake is a favorite dessert of mine. MuscleTech did a great job on replicating a very caloric dense dessert, but the buttery undertone of the dessert aspect is the only missing piece to the puzzle. Overall this is very well done and easily one of the best flavors on the Nitro-Tech line.


I mostly use protein powder mixed in yogurt to make sludge/protein pudding. The powder mixes on the thin side (mostly isolate and concentrate). There are added thickeners in the protein powder, which make it thicker then most straight whey proteins like Optimum, which is thin as water. While this is not as thick as blends it’s a fine mesh between a straight whey and blend. When mixed in a shake I did 6-8oz with a few ice cubes and it came out with no clumps.


Per Scoop:
2g Fat
2g Carbs
24g Protein

The formula is mostly WPI with WPC complimenting the protein matrix. There are added gum’s and thickeners to help thicken the protein shake (but not by much). The protein is also flavored with sucralose as its sweetener. Overall a low calorie protein powder that is very cost effective and straightforward formula.


I got two tubs at a B1G1 50% off and an additional 20% off making it around $37 for 4 pounds. At that cost that is very reasonable given the cost of raw materials on the market today. Let alone the flavoring on this protein is one of MuscleTech’s best in the nitro-tech gold series. For the cost, flavoring, and how well it mixes in shakes and pudding it was a steal of a deal to try a very highly praised protein powder.

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Man you have gotten good at this stuff!!!

When you grew up a fat ass offensive lineman. You ate everything and anything. You don’t forget what a true funnel cake tastes like.


My thing is this, how often did/do you eat a plain funnel cake? While very well done flavor-wise I was looking for that powdered sugar, whipped cream and fruit flavoring. Just wasn’t an “everyday” protein for me but it is a nice change of pace protein.

All the time, as I stated in my previous response. There is a local theme park here in Erie, PA that sells a boatload of funnel cakes, if you want to add all the fixings you can, but straight up they are fantastic. MT did a good job on turning a protein powder to resemble a dessert. I know I may be a beggar with this statement, but I would like the powder to be thicker, but they were never know for that in their gold series.

I’ve never ordered a funnel cake plain in all my life and I grew up in Southern California, home of Disneyland, Knotts and Magic Mountain. To each their own for sure

Well if I had that luxury I would never order one plain either. I live in Erie, PA where we are home of nothing but chain restaurants and 0 mom and pop places to eat. We have nothing but bottom of the barrel quality out here haha.

I don’t even know what funnel cake really is lol

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An angel food cake mix that is deep fried. Often coated with powdered sugar and topped with whip cream.

This made me so sad.

Try it with a dash of Cinnamon.
It will enhance the flavor a lot! :smile:

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Does MT have samples of this flavor?

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No because it is an exclusive to and its brand new.

Pfft, I’ll do a big giveaway here in March :wink:
About to try out the other new flavors too, Dulce de Leche, Churros, etc…


This flavor is pretty damn good. Brian you need to send me some churro protein pumpkin tits


Dulce de leche better not taste like caramel :facepunch:


Those sound tasty


I cried a little at this…

A BIG distinction from straight up Caramel.
More-so like a butter caramel hard candy (very sweet)