Muscle Elements Post Pro

Muscle Elements Post Pro


Here is where I’ll be giving @Double-s his log for ME’s Post-Pro. Just wanted to send out a quick thanks for the opportunity, and for the shaker cup y’all threw in! Log starts tomorrow, folks

Muscle-Elements Post Pro America Pop is Here....who wants some?

A shaker and handwritten note? I like these guys!


We really take pride in our customer service as well :grinning:


Looking forward to this!


Ok folks…

First thank you again for the Post Pro and the shaker and yes the handwritten note. Great stuff.

Today was AthleanX 2. I’m in week 3 of the program and love it… I’m 49 and have trained for as long as I can remember (former college athlete - well very former). Needed to find a program that made me ‘move more’ and this is it. I love the program. And the need for post-workout is huge.

Today…leg day.

Pre-Workout: Redcon1 Total War
Intra-Workout: Primeval Labs IntraCell
Post: Guess

Tiger Fitness Tshirt and Shaker
Metcon 3’s

(I’m a walking NASCAR vehicle)

DB Creeping Lunges 3x10
Step up/Lunge combo 3x10
Lateral 2 foot skier hop and squat 3x45 seconds (no wind - conditioning is not good)
Physioball bench glute ham raise 4x10
Slick floor Alt Bridge Extensions 3x10

Coming off of a week long back spasm (still kept training) and felt pretty good for a Saturday.

Post Pro? Flavor was amazing…It tastes like summer is the best way to put it. Really enjoyed it Mixed well in 16-20 oz of water…Feel good a few hours later. Really like it thus far.

The only side note is the crash from Total War…oh boy…when that hits…watch out.


That crash gets me every time. It’s like everything starts to irritate you when you the effects wear off


I like TotalWar but that crash makes it difficult. I don’t get that with Legion Pulse or NutraBio


Worked back/shoulders today, typical hypertrophy day at Planet Fitness. Relatively late night lift
Pre: Total War, same as Steeler :slight_smile:
Intra: Just plain BCAA’s from ISO-Amino. Love Sour batch

Warmup on the treadmill for 5 minutes
Couple rotator cuff warmups

Working sets:
5x10 Wide grip pulldowns
5x12-15 Overhand grip barbell rows
3x12-15 Underhand grip rows
4x15 Single arm DB rows
3x12 Single arm cable pulldowns
3x10 Close grip pulldowns
Dropset of Double DB Shoulder Press
5x15 DB side lateral raises
3x10 Cable lateral raises
5x20 Posterier delt reverse flyes, controlled eccentric reps
3x10 Front raises

1x10 DB shrugs

As for the product, here’s what hits hard. TASTE. One sip and I knew this would be an amazing flavor. Up until this point, Ronnie Coleman’s America flavor had been my favorite for this Bomb pop category, but this stuff blows it out of the water. Absolutely absurd, can’t even explain it. Mixed incredibly well, 16oz is perfect, as it states on the container. Took it right after my workout, and noticed my normal total war crash wasn’t as bad, maybe something to do with the carbs? That would be my only guess. First impressions, amazing, we’ll see how this helps my morning soreness


Day 2
Had a volleyball tournament in the morning, which completely wiped me for the afternoon, but sipping on the Post-Pro afterwards helped me get my energy back, and I was able to have a pretty decent leg day.
Pre: PreCre XS

5 min warmup on treadmill

10setsx10reps Pause Squats with 135lbs, minute rest in between sets, absolutely killer
3x8 each leg split squats, 95 on smith machine
4x15 leg ext. 90lbs
2x10 stiff legged deadlifts 135lbs
2x5 SLD 225lbs
3x15each leg reverse lunges w/ 30lb DB’s
Finished with a calf burnout on seated extensions, 50lbs AMRAP


And away we go…

This is shoulder and rotator cuff day

Legs are still a little tired/sore from my training session on Saturday - but tomorrow is MetCon day and yeah…that won’t be pretty.

Pre-Workout: Legion Pulse
Intra: Primeval IntraCell
Post: Well you know

Backwards DB Shoulder press 3x12 (this program emphasizes TUT)
Backwards DB Side Alt Side lateral drops 3x9 (are you seeing a theme here?)
DB Plate 8’s 3x8
Backwards DB Alt W Raises 3x8
RC Tubing Step outs 3x15

This is one of those workouts that you look forward to because you know it’s effective but won’t beat you up…good stuff.

And again Post Pro - really look forward to drinking it after my workout…it’s in the 50’s in Chicago today so it feels and tastes like summer (well maybe spring).


How is that? Never tried anything from Primeval


I was introduced to it by the PricePlow gentlemen and I love it. I really do. The Mango taste is phenomenal…and I’ve always been a Carb guy intra workout…It’s a really good product…


So much so that I’ve also ordered MegaPre from DPS Nutrition (free plug)


Monday, International Chest Day, the most glorious day of the week.
Pre: 2x scoop of old-label HyperMax

3x8 flat bench 75lb DB press
5x10 60lbs
3x15 50lbs
3x10 Slight incline press 50lbs
3x15 45lbs
4xAMRAP Chest Press 100lbs
3xAMRAP Eccentric focused dips

5x12 Incline Hammer Press 50lbs
3x10 50lbs DB pullovers, elbows tight for less lat, more upper chest emphasis
Pec Deck 4x10 Slow, eccentric movements, utilizing half reps to really that occlusion zone in the pec

Cable work, starting low to work upper chest for a few sets, finished up high for that lower chest pump. Did a complete burnout several times, rested 30 seconds, and went AMRAP w/ push-ups a couple times over to finish up.

Just like @SteelerBill13, fine weather over here, in Pittsburgh, currently in the low 60’s. Sipping my Post-Pro while watching the review @PricePlowStaff just posted. Couldn’t agree more with them on this one, amazing taste


Day 4

Ran a solid arm day session, all hypertrophy, with volleyball later on in the night, so I took my Post-Pro right after I was done lifting. Normally I’m pretty wiped for volleyball afterward, but the carbs in the Post really helped me get my energy levels back up, couple that with some oatmeal and Greek Yogurt, and my glycogen was replenished for some good work. Here’s how arm day looked:

3x15 DB Preacher Curls
3x25 DB hammer curls
2x15 DB hammer curls
5x12 Incline DB curls
3x10 DB spider curls
3x8 Conc. Curls
2x20 Preacher curl cable machine
4x10 Rope Extensions
6x8 Close Grip Bench
4x12 Single arm tricep extensions
3x10 Overhead extensions
AMRAP superset of straight bar curls to skullcrushers


Loving this, is this the first time you have done a “log”?


No, this is my second. I did Epi-Plex about a month back @Double-s


Anything new and exciting?


So far I’ve only used it for hypertrophy days, but I did some of my normal powerlifting stuff these past two days. Logs for them will be up in a little bit


Log 5
Deadlifting powerlifting day. I’ve only ran hypertrophy days with this up until this point, but this was something a tad different. Longer rest periods, lower rep counts per set, the usual for a strength day. I set up my sets by my body weight, not any specific weight, so that’s why you will see BW here in the sets

Pre: Second gen Mr. Hyde

10 min treadmill jog to warm up
2x20 straight arm push downs
1x10 BW deadlift
1x8 1.5xBW
2x3 2xBW
3x5 2.5xBW
3x3 2xBW
2x5 1.5BW
That’s it for the actual deadlift portion of what I do. I then transition to my 2 auxiliary lifts that I use to assist my deadlift
2x2 3xBW rack pulls
3x3 2.5xBW
3x5 2xBW
2x15 Straight arm pushdowns, straight bar
2x12 straight arm pushdowns, rope attachment
3x10 each arm single arm pushdowns

Normally after a hardcore PL session like this, I’m wiped for the rest of the day and the following day. Better recovery than usual though, because I felt well enough to squat the next day, something I usually never do the day after deadlifts.