Muscle Elements is Here

Muscle Elements is Here



Muscle Elements is proud to be part of the PP forums. We have been recognized by the fine folks and now time to give back.

We have been around for a few short years and truly believe in honesty, transparency and really care about out customers.

In the upcoming weeks we will be running some logging opportunities and would love to hear what yo guys would be interested in trying?

Questions? Feel free to ask, DM etc…

This was our very first product and still sells phenomenally 3 yrs later. For stim tolerant people, we also have PreCreXS which boasts a whoppping 420 mgs of caff.


Not to seem desperate, but I’ve been interested in AminoPM for quite some time, it’s one of the only 2 or 3 products I have PP queued up to email me about when a price change happens. :eyes:

That said, it’s good to see you guys here! I’m really excited about the larger brands having a presence on the forums.


Thanks soo much. AminoPM is getting soo many accolades out there as it is one of the only 2 in 1 products. Best of all, no zombified/hungover feeling the next morning.

Happy Holidays


Yessss, love the PreCreXS. Best cherry limeade flavor I’ve tried, disgusting pumps, and great energy


I’ve also always wanted to try AminoPM. I’ve heard great things about it. I think it will be on my next supplement shopping list.


Always glad to see new companies coming on, nothing really appeals to my sensibilities, unless I am massively underestimating the pump on the pre.

Well I do have two questions that wouldn’t put you in an awkward position
What does the glutamine do in the postpro?
How’s the pump on the precre?


I would love to try that vanilla wafer protein.


Ryan Oshun here! Muscle-Elements ambassador and athlete… I’ve come to there bad ass boards as well. I know M.E. is happy to have some support here!


Do you still make The TRUTH protein?


Christian - thanks for interacting

Glutamine - During intense training glutamine levels drop dramatically in the body, so we added it for replenishment, muscle recovery and also for immune system.

Pump? I do not believe in blowing smoke up your a$$. People have responded differently, some having skin busting pumps and others plainly saying decent. We are one of the few that add carbs in our PWO (cyclo dextrin) to help keep muscle stores full.

Teddy Brosevelt -(love the name), we still do make Truth. RIght now Vanilla Wafer is available as Chocolate is on backorder. We do have a third in R&D that will be the first of it’s flavor profile. Also like to brag that we are one of only 5/6 protein powders that are full disclosure…

Keep the questions coming, appreciate the love.


Awesome! Love ME but I hadn’t heard anything in a while - good to see you here


I’ve heard some pretty good things about AminoPM. As for Pre’s, i’ve shifted my focus from stims to nootropics and lower stim/more blood flow


Thanks Bill. Didn’t know PP had a forum, will definitely be on here as much as can be.

Steeler fan I assume? I am a Dolphins fan so basically have no claim to football.


It’s disappointing to see that ME has disappeared from most of the places I usually buy supps from, is the ME site going to be the only place to buy from?


Amino PM used to be available on Amazon - since it left, I’ve had to find different nighttime supplements. I can’t justify the direct cost unfortunately.


Yes and thank you. I was born in Pittsburgh…I’ve been in Chicago most of my life.


Tough loss yesterday as I live outside of Boston. On the flip side, huge Penguins fan since 87


Teddy - we are working on some new partnerships with e-tailers. 2018 is going to be a stellar year for us, not just a line but the truth. We are the proud sponsor of the Royal London Pro which is an IFBB Qualifier.

I was not aware of this. Everything else is on the Amazon site, let me look into this and report back. does have it if you are interested…


They tell you not to go to bed angry…well I did…and woke up that way…No words really…


So I have come to find out since we have the words/letters Growth Hormone/GH on the label and writeup it was taken off of Amazon…uggh