Muscle Building Supplements: The Next Generation (2017)

#fancybox-close{right:-15px;top:-15px} div#fancybox-content{border-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-title{background-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-outer{background-color:#FFFFFF} div#fancybox-title-inside{color:#333333} Contents 1 First things first: Don’t forget the basics!1.1 Need a workout plan? 1.2 Do you know about betaine? 1.3 “Daily basic” muscle-building supplements to make it easy 2 The next-generation muscle-building supplements2.1 Phosphatidic Acid2.1.1 Human research on trained subjects2.1.1.1 RANT: 2.1.2 Possible increased fat …
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Great article. I was consuming the 90% Lindt cocoa bars for a few months about a year ago to get after some epicatechin. Up here in Canada those Excellence bars tend to go on sale quite frequently at a price of 2 for $8. There is also a London Drugs near to me that carries the 99% Lindt Excellence bars. I've not tried them yet but I wonder how much more epicatechin content that additional 15% yields?

Thanks! Last we checked, the 90% bars were alkalized, which kills a lot of the flavonol content. Still has benefits though.

The 99% is nearly unpalatable for most people and recommending that would probably get some online pitchforks throw in our direction.

85% seemed to be the best of both worlds - tastes reasonable (to me at least) AND not from Alkali.

Either way, you'd probably need to eat an entire bar per day for enough epicatechin... supplements are more cost effective then. Dark chocolate still rules though

I've noticed online that the 90% bars state on the packaging they are processed with Alkali but the ones available in store here do no specify that on the label leading me to believe the are not subjected to that process. Thus the reason I was eating that particular percentage.

And unpalatable or not 99% is going to net nothing but benefits and would be worth dealing with the bitterness in my opinion. One method of making consumption a little easier for those that don't want to endure the taste is to melt them down into a shake.

awesome article as always. I really appreciate the recommendations!

OK. Anabeta + ArA should go together. But, ArA should be dosed preworkout and Anabeta with large meals... Even so spaced apart they will be synergistic?

Yes! But everyone has their own thing. Pre-Workout ArA seems best. I'm running a bottle of X-Gels now, been off since December and wondering how I'll keep this in the budget... really like em for natty results

Nice! I'm a bit scared about ArA as I have some small ulcers and I read somewhere it isn't advisable in that situation

There are 3 big guys that aren't listed and I'd like to hear from you, Mike, if possible.
1- Ecdysterone: there are some new researches (2015 and 2016) showing impressive results
2- Laxogenin: Olympus Labs have 2 products with it: Strength Unleashed and DermaStrength Unleashed (DSU). I read an interesting study on it and seems promissing.
3- Ecklonia cava: There are some new MuscleTech products with it, but in small doses. What people have been talking a lot in forums is about the new Follidrone 2, which has it plus epi and other stuff.

1. Ecdysterone seems to be more hormonal, but we'll dig up those studies and consider a full write-up. Haven't researched enough to say anything - will have to change that!

...but then again, regarding hormonal stuff, I'm really curious to see if anacyclus raises testosterone in humans. CJ and I might need to run a few blood tests.

2. We have a write-up on it, there's just not enough research on it. Having used a bottle, I'd say the stuff on this page is better. Haven't run the liposomal or transdermal stuff from Olympus though, which might be far better.

3. Good call on this too!! Will eventually get this researched and written about too! Follidrone started the whole epicatechin thing, so we definitely have to pay our respects and see what they're up to now.

Thanks for the great comment and research. We'll get caught up for you eventually.

Definitely looking forward to an updated write-up of this page.

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