Meals Eating Now

Been eating Vertical for a bit.

Turns out one of my casual buds has a shitload of hens who are laying faster than she can sell and i now have an infinite supply of free, fresh eggs from happy chickens.

You all fuckin wish you were me


How are you liking the Vertical diet? Ahh that would be nice to have, infinite eggs!!! Though I have transitioned to egg whites, but still!

Egg whites are normally a HUGE issues with many people with GI Distress and bloating. Most people just eat them because they are a lower caloric alternative. Try removing them and see if this fits your digestion and GI tract better. For most (not all) it is instant.

Loving it. Never hungry, but never bloated/full because the diet revolves around easy digesting foods. I could eat a meal and immediately work out if i wanted. The spinach shakes (8 oz 100% orange juice, couple big handfuls of fresh spinach that you’ve frozen, 1 gram of salt, blend into a smoothie) before and after a workout are amazing, i think I’m gonna do those indefinitely even once i move on from Vertical Diet.

Also, when my diet is high in red meat and eggs, i just feel better. I recover better, my mood is better, etc. Dunno what it is. Probably all the heart disease.

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Ironically I am the exact opposite. I had to limit my use of normal eggs and switch to whites. It’s helped me ever since

Personally eggs, whole or otherwise, don’t impact my digestion one way or the other. They aren’t always in my diet and i notice no change in digestive health when i rotate them out.

Very common for most trainees
I see it like a plaque in women and a lot of men I work with. Seems to be hit or miss on the client but it’s usually a huge culprit. Same with high fodmap veggies. They are gut killers

swiss roll

Eating rolls once in a month will be okay to maintain blood sugar level ?

Lifes a Baatch Cookies:

Turkey Chili:

Pork Nachos:

Fried Egg Double Cheeseburger:

Living the Cream Lookin’ Like a Snack

It depends on whether your sugar level remains high or low. If it remains high for most of the time, it’s better to avoid so much of sucrose.

You pressed my nerve buddy! Now what else should I take? Is taking a no sugar diet will keep my day happy :thinking:

Honestly, I see no difference in my health and body with or without eating eggs.

There is always a alternate source of every thing.