Meals Eating Now

Butcher Shop Bakery Cookies:
The Duke

Chicken Parm Sandwich:

Neopolitan Pizza:

Fried Rice & Egg Rolls:

Caffe Panna Wholly Cannoli:

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Butcher Shop Bakery The GOAT

Breakfast Burgers:


Caffe Panna Chunky Velvet:

Butcher Shop Bakery Oreo Cookie:

Pat Lafrieda Bacon Cheeseburger:

Peanut Butter Burger:

Chicken Parm:

Caffe Panna Sweet Dough:

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Staccked Cookies
King Cake:

Breakfast Sandwich:

Buffalo Mac & Cheese + Pulled Pork:

Fried Rice Pulled Pork:

Caffe Panna Banilla Killa:

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Staccked Cookies:

Tikka Masala:

Chicken Parm:

Beef Stroganoff:

Caffe Panna You Win:

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Staccked Cookies

Rodeo Chicken Sandwich & Fries:

Detroit Style Pizza:

Breaded Chicken, Shrimp, Veggies & White Rice:

Caffe Panna Brightland:

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Staccked Cookies:


Pizza Burger:

Buffalo Chicken:

Reuben Burger:

Birthday Cake:

Do you know of any discount codes for Caffe Panna??

They are holding off for a few months to expand their location in NYC due to demand. They won’t have any new packs till the summer. But when they do I can send you an email for a discount for sure. I’ll just need an email addy.

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Thank you!! This thread is excellent.

Krispy Kreme Oreo Cookie Glazed Doughnuts

Cheesesteak & Onion Rings:

Bacon Cheeseburger:

Caffe Panna Passionfruit Stracciatella

Stacccked Cookies:

Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese:

Stuffed Peppers:

Torerro’s – Mexican Fajitas

Caffe Panna Dalgona:

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