MCT Oil: The Dietary Fat Source Built for Efficient Energy

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Prepare to learn everything you need to know about MCT Oil, or Medium Chain Triglycerides Lifestyle, training, and diet are the three overarching umbrellas that affect our health and fitness goals, and figuring out how to best balance them is unique from person to person. For instance, someone trying to… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Anyone feel tired after taking MCT Oil? I just added it to try it out and noticed that I am much more tired after taking it.

No not at all. Are you talking about a liquid oil or powder? Which are you using?

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It was the liquid and then these bars (MCT co.) that has MCT in them. I’ve been doing IF and using the MCT oil or bars to break the fast. I noticed that I was tired most times after doing it. Might be the IF or the new quarantine life.

I wouldn’t expect the oil, by itself, to cause tiredness. But in a bar, with possibly some GI or II ingredients, it could mess with blood sugars making you tired.


Thanks for the responses - I will try with just the oil as the bars are almost done.

What was the verdict? Was it the bars?