Low-calorie sweeteners (sucralose) promote fat accumulation in human fat

Low-calorie sweeteners (sucralose) promote fat accumulation in human fat

This one’s gonna ruffle some feathers:


At a 0.2-millimolar sucralose dose similar to the concentration found in the blood of people with high consumption of low-calorie sweeteners—equal to four cans of diet soda per day—the researchers said they observed increased expression of genes that are markers of fat production and inflammation.

They analyzed biopsy samples of abdominal fat obtained from eight subjects who said they consumed low-calorie sweeteners (mainly sucralose and a trace of aspartame, and/or acesulfame potassium). Four of the subjects were healthy weight, and four were obese. According to Sen, they saw evidence of increased glucose (sugar) transport into cells and overexpression of known fat-producing genes

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Don’t care. Stevia sucks :smiley: I’m sticking with my fat-inducing Splenda!


This is preliminary evidence I would say.
The in vivo design is not very heavily controlled and it could be because of other factors and there’s no comparison to regular sweeteners which likely have worse health effects, Either way I am not overly concerned.

If we get a before after study comparing it to normal calorie sweeteners I might be interested.

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