Lost My DMAA Virginity

Lost My DMAA Virginity


Holy. Shit.
First time with DMAA, 20mgs from a scoop of Off-The-Chain. Coupled with two Epi-Plex caps and a scoop of Total War and just wow. No amount of any kind of choline I’ve put into my body compares to the absurd focus I had tonight doing back and shoulders. I put this under Nootropics, since the mental clarity I had with this was the most prominent effects. What should I expect when I up the dosage? More prominent focus or also some energy from it? All thoughts are welcome, and feel free to share you exotic stim first-time experiences


Expect a rapid tolerance build up, more isn’t always better, you need to find your sweet spot especially if you’re combining it with other stims


What jumps out at me is “off the chain + total war” is dmaa and dmha. How was that ride?!


Thanks for the heads up! Not going to be using it daily, maybe once a week, since my supply is rather limited, so hoping to avoid the tolerance issue


Wonderful, aggressive energy (DMHA) coupled with amazing focus (DMAA) to actually put that energy to the best use. I feel you can’t really harness the true potential of DMHA without it now. Next up, Off-the-Chain coupled with Kraken, Re1gn, and Amped-AF.


Hope you mean separately, unless you are trying to get a 4 digit blood pressure.

I’ve kind of been hoping for a dmha dmaa hybrid preworkout once it all gets sorted out.
Re1gn kind of looks like my sort of thing(mainly pumps and yohimbe-like alkaloids), I’m kind of curious what its like with the additional dmaa.


In that case, I’ll be sure to update you on how it goes!


I would advise against stacking any other stimulants with Amped-AF, as that is an incredibly potent pre in its own right (the DMAA formula of course)


RE1GN is the perfect pre for high intensity, endurance style workouts. I still do not believe there are yohimbine alkaloids coming from STIM-X. Reason being is a simple google search highly advises against mixing Kanna and yohimbine together. Their formulators are smarter than that. Given that there are multiple alkaloids to most plants, I bet there’s another little kicker to the plant they are using. But with that being said, the OD’d dragons mist flavor had me stoned as a mug :joy::joy::joy:. I def had some kind of trip from it


I swear you talk so much like a rep I had to check, I’m still a bit surprised.

On that note thanks for the science, apparently kanna is a SSRI, and I’m not sure how I feel about having that in a preworkout.


Unfortunately, I only recently bought the Amped-AF, so I have the reformulated version without DMAA. They changed their “One3™️“ ingredient from DMAA to a blend of several other ingredients


It truly is an interesting substance. It helps alleviate what should be some intense energy and instead puts mor emphasis on focus than anything. I would say something along the lines of theanine, just stronger. A lower to moderate dose would give more of a euphoric/happy feeling, where as a high dose would act more like a sedative


Yep, haven’t tried it, and more likely than not, won’t unless my curious nature peaks at an all time high. They should really change the name away from “One3” since it is no longer that anymore


I tried Off the Chain (DMAA), and didn’t feel anything other than the caffeine. Same thing with Total War (DMHA). However, I’ve been finding that none of the latest/hottest nootropics have any affect on me. :frowning:


Yeah same first though here. This is a bit intense for a first-timer, although Off the Chain doesn’t have absurd amounts so I bet it was wild. Generally mixing these two is not recommended though.

It doesn’t - they won’t disclose the compound, but “cousin of yohimbine” is about the best way of putting it, and those who are yohimbine-sensitive should stay away, while yohimbine-lovers can consider diving in.

Had they made that warning right from the start it would have saved a few panic attacks (then the bad Dragon’s Mist batch would have been better tolerated by those who were already confident in yohimbine, not the double-whammy that happened to some users).

That was one of the things that irked me with that situation. You gotta warn people if you have a product with the potential of yohimbine-like effects. Add in the ‘too strong’ batch and some people had a really really bad ride.


I’ll never intentionally taken a hallucinogenic…except for one time a buddy and I mixed up our salads by mistake in High School (the mushrooms weren’t from the salad bar). But that OD Dragons mists had me on another plain of existence.


This could be a fun opportunity, let’s stack preworkout!
I’ll try 1scoop mesomorph + 1 scoop total war and 1 scoop kraken for intraworkout


The focus is almost unparalleled. Fun times!


It’s never as good as the first time, imo.


Blockquote[quote=“Caribou, post:19, topic:2412”]
It’s never as good as the first time, imo.