Looking for advice

Hey guys,

So I’ve been recently looking for opinions on the epicatechin + laxogenin stack.

I saw that Alpha Lion has it’s product Lion’s blood.

Can it be potentialy useful?

Also I read a review on Fitness Informant about a very similar product (Diverge Max). It said that after running this product, arimistane was used.

I never used an aromatase inhibitor, never really went into the “muscle building” section (except for 1 bottle of LGND, new formula).

Should I worry of any potential sides or cons to my health? Because I do not like taking those odds.

Thank you very much, greetings from Argentina!

That’s such an old review I wouldn’t even consider the rankings valid anymore lol.

Honestly imo Laxo and Epicat aren’t worth your money. However on their own you do not really need to worry about side effects


Don’t have experience with either but your best bet is probably OL’s stuff, since it has the delivery system.

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Laxo and epicat don’t have any side effects that i know of. I’ve used both and seen results from neither.

One that people complain about a lot with arimistane is joint pain, but i personally didn’t experience this. But personally I don’t think you need to run arimistane for anything that isn’t directly hormonal.

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I found they are not worth the money at all
Save it for your essentials in the grand scheme of things.

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Thank you all!

LGND is very good for pump…and it did seem to elevate mood a little.

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I’ve been researching epicatechin for different reasons. There’s some data that show epicatechin can help with blood pressure; so it’s been on my radar. But $0.75/day for a clinical dose is crazy.

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I have tried both Epicatetchin and Laxo. Laxo does absolutely nothing for me one bit. The only time I take Epi is in Ghost Size, that combo with Creatine really does good things for me, a slight increase in size and just overall works well for me. I also tried REDCON1 MOAB and while it seemed to have similar effects it tasted outright terrible.

Size is a luxury item I splurge on once in a blue moon. I have used Arimistaine multiple times, never as an AI but by itself and it works great to lean me out and provide some nice vascularity. Now it does dry out my joints a bit, but I do suffer from joint pain already, and i just upped my dose of Joint Supps at the time and it was fine. I would gander a guess if you do not suffer from joint pain you won’t have an issue. Also Epi nor Laxo require a PCT of any sorts. Hope this helps.