Looking for advice on stim free fat burners

Looking for advice on stim free fat burners


Hey guys!

Since I do not want to take anything risky, and since I am not entirely sure on what to look for, here is my concern:

I live in Argentina (I have to order products with 10 days in advance) and my current stim free fat burner is running out (Quadralean 2.0). I don’t want to add more caffeine or stimulants to my daily basis, because I’m currently in the 4th serving of my pre (M2)

I’m trying to low my bf % in a reasonable way, doing some recomp.

Do you guys know any stim free fat burner that is safe and sound?

I recently looked at the formula of Transparent Labs stim free fat burner and it seems solid, what do you think?

Thanks and greetings from Buenos Aires!


Most fat burner ingredients are stimulatory by nature, so it’s slim-pickings for non stim options. I don’t personally feel any difference for non stim fat burners, but from checking labels, I would say Pyretic from Primeval Labs is a solid call. Have you considered maybe a nutrient partitioner/GDA?


I’ve never used nutrient partitioners or GDA, but they seem effective from what I had read about them. Which would you recommend?


Out of my wheelhouse, I’m sure @TheSolution or others can help. GlycoPhase is a good one I believe, as well as Adapt from Outbreak


Forskolin 95 at 50-100mg is worth the money IMO
Quadralean or whatever from RSP is underdosed garbage.


Does forskolin have any side effects? Thanks!


improved fastloss improve cAMP levels, maybe slight stomach discomfort while using 50-100mg


Thank you!


I like PEScience Shift. Myoblox’s Rubix is also something that I respond well with.


SNS Reduce XT is worth looking into


Forskolin is great, but may jack up the stomach.

I also like ginger and grains of paradise – but it may give heartburn :fire:

Like Matt said, PEScience Shift has both of those, but note that it’s not stimulant-free – it has synephrine inside from the citrus aurantium. Still a super cool formula though.

As for glucose disposal agents, I think everyone should at least mess around with berberine at the bare minimum.


Agree on the Berberine. I would throw in banaba, too, for a GDA. What I like about these two is that you only have to take them before meals versus daily. I think others like hesperidin and gynostemma need to be taken daily to be effective.

Careful if you are already low carb (e.g. keto), and take those; they can make you go hypoglycemic pretty quick (at least did for me).

EDIT: I also recommend green tea extract (50% EGCG). It will have trace caffeine in it (< 5 mg) in a 500 mg dose.


Yeah but so what – if you’re fat-adapted? Ketones should rise in that case, as you’re not “needing” that much glucose anymore anyway. Perhaps we shall test :slight_smile:


Folks can experience a drop on blood sugar along with the associated symptoms when keto-adapted (at least in the keto/biohacking podcasts I’ve been following).

The time when I’m pretty sure I experienced hypoglycemia on keto when I was taking berberine/banaba before a carb-filled pot luck. I tried to take it 30 minutes before, but I ended up not eating until after about an hour or so. I’d say about 45 min in, I suddenly got a headache, felt tired/sickly. Felt better as soon as I got some chips and dip in me :smiley:. I didn’t have glucose test strips at the time, otherwise I would have verified.

I would be totally up for an experiment!


If your fat % is high (20% and up) then Evomuse epitome. If lower then Evomuse topical fat burners.
Forskolin is good. specially if you are already at quite low fat%.