Looking for a Pre-Workout with Natural Sources of Caffeine

Hi all, I am looking for a pre-workout with natural sources of caffeine. I have tried pre-kaged but was not of a fan of the stevia (gives me a headache). Anyone have any other ideas?

What other ingredients do you look for?

Inno Supps is an all natural company and I love their pre workout, Storm Breaker.

NutraBio as well… my suggestion was going to be PreKaged…

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Our Nutrabio Natural Line has a PRE with zero artificial sugars, flavors and dyes.


Let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:

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coffee? :smiley:

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Buy PurCaf or similar, stack with VasoBlitz

Since you already have some good suggestions provided, may I ask why you’re looking for naturally-sourced caffeine?

He’s all natty bro.

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Ya just got word from WADA, caffeine anhydrous being added to the banned substances list Q2 2021. PED users get OUT


That’s insane…I had heard that certain levels of caffeine were banned so are they allowing for PurCaf? Asking for a friend.

I think he was joking.


I would recommend trying out one of the following:

I am an advocate for the company Inno Supps, as you can see from my recent posts. They use all natural flavoring, coloring, etc… and utilize PurCaf (organic caffeine) among other natural ingredients. This might be right up you alley.

InnoSupps: Storm Breaker
InnoSupps: Inno Shred

PM me for a 20% off code as well.

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I’d assume so too. Using that logic, dicaffeine malate would be fine too then haha.

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Haha these responses were entertaining. I will look over some of the recommendations - thank you all.

I should have been more detailed but anecdotally I have noticed that I have less of a crash with the natural based caffeine. I may end up getting a stimulant free pre and adding in my own caffeine. In addition, some natural sweeteners especially stevia give me a headache in higher doses.

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PureCaf does not cause a crash for me personally - simply a sustained clean energy

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I’ve never heard of stevia giving anyone a headache. Very odd.

That’s a bummer, if so.

Same here - I currently am taking those Redcon1 RTD and if I drink half pre and the rest intra with my water I won’t have much of a crash. If I do it all at once I will definitely crash - comparable dosage with PurCaf and I have no issues.

Haha yeah - I’m not sure what it is in there but I recently noticed it when the SO swapped to it instead of splenda or sugar.