Lightweight/Barebones equipment routines?

Lightweight/Barebones equipment routines?


I’ve recently moved to a new area, and it has some very nice gyms. Unfortunately, they’re priced accordingly, and my status as a student doing clinical rotations (working 40-50 hours/week as part of my education) means I have no money and no time to work a second gig to make more.

That said, my apartments have a gym. It’s…really basic. Smith machine, DBs up to 50 pounds, an adjustable bench, a cable column, and a super lightweight leg press (caps at a couple hundred pounds I think). A couple of other things but really that’s about it.

As someone who up until recently was squatting 300 and change, and pulling mid-4s, it’s a real step down. But some is better than none, and I’m content to make due with what I’ve got until I graduate in the summer, so I’m looking to see if you guys know of any (or have the experience necessary to create one) routines using the bare basics of hotel-style gym equipment.


100% check out AthleanX’s sore in 6 minutes bodyweight editions


I’d say anything by AthleanX…
One of the reasons I love it due to the amount of time I’m in hotel gyms


Not to resurrect an old thread, but I have a couple programs for you if you still need it. They are from Military Athlete and one is a Bodyweight program and another is a Stuck in a Motel program, both are fantastic!! PM me your email if you are interested and I can send em!