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And we all know…It’s not easy being green.

An interesting video would be a comparison between Ghost Greens and Core Nutritionals Greens.

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or Ghost vs Core vs Gaspari! I intend to try Ghost and Gaspari greens at least…so we shall see, both prob are great!

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Goes to Ghost IMO. Haven’t tried Core but just looking at panels I’d pick Ghost.


I will definitely buy/try this one. I am skeptical of paying $36 for 30servs of greens though.

For someone who doesn’t eat much fruits/veggies, it could be worth it.

As I have heard some others say, a greens product without any vitamins or minerals present or added seems unnecessary unless you get absolutely no fruits and veggies from your daily intake.

Any caffeine in this from the Matcha or Specta (green coffee bean extract)?

I posted this in another thread, i will repost it again:
From Dan – Owner of Ghost
Spectra Contains .5mg per 100mg so it is negligible – This is public information on spectra


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This is for @Devin_Foley 's response as well, but I look at this as more than just the greens/reds due to the probiotics, digestive enzymes, etc.

I’ve helped a couple companies recently with greens type products and that ‘focus’ on a goal (performance, gut health, etc) is what differentiates it from just a wheatgrass shot IMO. If just looking for micros I’d just look at green vibrance.

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I’m always of the opinion that I’d rather get more than less. Agreed though, this is still a good product.

I’m not bashing price at all, just that people who want to save a few bucks might be better off with a different option, assuming they’re handling their micronutrients in a responsible way.

Yeah I’m just saying that the $36 knocks out a couple categories i’m already taking

This is exactly how I look at it
Do i eat enough greens? Most likely

But → if I can save on not buying a probiotic on enzyme That will actually add up on top of the greens being a buffer.

So therefore if you factor all the costs of other products it may be a very worthy investment to knock out 3 categories in 1.

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I’ve started taking probiotics and enzymes and it’s been as advertised. Being able to combine all 3, as stated, is a plus. The question, are there enough Enzymes/Probiotics to qualify? I’m asking because I don’t truly know.

Yes there is
10,000 CFU’s and plenty of enzymes.
Dan did his research on the dosing, and he explained it in full on their last YT video if you watch it For Ghost’s channel

41 healthy college students consumed one capsule per day that contained approximately 5 billion colony forming units (CFU) of B. subtilis DE111 in addition to their usual diets. Blood levels of important biomarkers were measured. Markers of systemic acceptance, such as CRP and liver enzymes, remained within acceptable ranges and the participants reported that GI symptoms and bowel habits improved with probiotic capsule consumption. In addition, the DE111 supplement resulted in a significant effect on gut microflora measured prior to and after capsule consumption.

Dan sent me this for reference


The more you know…thank you.

If it is not starbucks I start to question with your norvaline use on your brain cells :slight_smile:


Well that is a large part of it I’m sure…

Which now lead to the question about something like an Athletic Greens (or others like it) that would in essence replace: Multi/Probiotic/Digestive Enzymes and cover your greens…

If Ghost covers all 3, the need to buy a separate and 2 other products may be more expensive. They are just trying to cover all the essentials in one.

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Oh a lot more expensive…that was what I was driving at…

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