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I may be a minority here but I was never really a fan of combined products. If I want to take probiotics and digestive enzymes (only take when I have an issue or on antibiotics) I will take those separate from my greens supplement.


I had no idea so many people on this forum took probiotics and digestive enzymes on a regular basis. I always thought products like that were only a short term use when a problem arises.

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I am VERY health conscious.
Even with being very particular on the food sources I eat and making sure my nutrients absorb properly I use them as a buffer. Not 100% Necessary but if I have the funds I do utilize them to keep my digestion and health as good as possible.
Any little advantage I can use to help myself stay regular and healthy I will take.

Again just my personal preference, but that is why I have taken Gut Health (From Evomuse) for nearly a decade. I have never felt better since using it and monitoring my diet very closely.

I never took them until recently… A trainer I follow recommended them and I’m giving them a one month run. So far? Huge fan. No bloat or feeling bad after eating certain foods and nutrient uptake seems to be much better

I don’t take digestive enzymes, but I am a fan of enzymes to utilize protein absorption.

Probiotics I’ll cycle, specifically based on how my diet is at that moment.

How did you like Gut Health when I sent you that?

well got my order in for Ghost and for Gaspair Greens… so expect my reviews and thoughts…