LEGION Pulse: Pre-Workout Taking Over Amazon

LEGION Pulse: Pre-Workout Taking Over Amazon


The Legion PULSE pre-workout supplement is part of a growing trend of supplements only available online — in this case through the Legion Athletics website or through Amazon, where it’s very popular amongst Amazon Prime users who get free shipping. It’s also part of the trend of premium products using …
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Side note here, but I’ve used this supplement (on my 2nd tub) and I like it. Its pretty consistent…simple effective formula. I appreciate that. Has anyone else tried it? Just curious


This sold on Bodybuilding.com now. I see the Bodybuilding.com version has 2 grams of taurine added. I don’t think the Amazon versions I’ve seen do.


I buy it from Amazon or direct from LegionAthletics.com


Here it is


I have a couple friends who LOVE this stuff. Haven’t personally used it.


We’ve received a shipment of Pulse from Legion and will be running it beginning next week…STAY TUNED!


Curious as to your thoughts on it Robert…


based off the look, formula is very solid. But I’m hesitant on the amount of theanine that’s in there. I’m not a fan of theanine in pre workouts (especially when there’s 350mg worth in there!), so we’ll see what happens


They are definitely working the online angle. I am seeing ads for them like crazy on my Facebook feed.


It’s very very steady…you aren’t ‘amped up’ for a workout…


The 4.8 g beta alanine is asinine, especially in a single dose. It needs to be split throughout the day.


Call me crazy but I don’t feel it…


Especially the version with taurine, they compete for each other’s absorption, and BA isn’t absorbed well in high doses.
Really it belongs in a creatine supplement more then a preworkout. It’s kind of one of my most hated ingredients because shitty companies put it in with a bunch of stimulant and call it a preworkout, and it takes up space and money from better ingrediants.
I have no idea why they would even put that much in aside from label dressing.

The tingles go away once you hit the saturation point


I have been using this https://xwerks.com/collections/nutrition/products/xwerks-ignite I think I might switch to Pulse after doing some reading.


Now personally I just like Legion Pulse. I know it’s a little too much BA for CJ…but it is a really good pre-workout. Simple and effective.


I like the guy who owns the company Mike Matthews he really knows his stuff


I had never heard of him until I started to investigate the product/his company. But everything I read/heard made sense to me - and was ‘simple’. I’m all for simple and effective products at this stage.