Legal Modafinil Source

Legal Modafinil Source


The Undisputed Champion of Nootropic compounds!
For those of you looking for Modafinil, but don’t want to worry with ordering Modafinil (a CIV controlled substance) from lab sourced out of India, China or Mexico.
-Your looking for a nootropic that is LEGAL and uncontrolled (in the US), yet WAY less toxic to the liver than Adrafinil, delivering an overall “cleaner stim” profile; Flouro-Modafinil, “FL-Modafinil”, “Flodafinil” is identical to Proviil/Modafinil from a biochemical standpoint*.
*It is 401% stronger by weight. Meaning a 50mg dose is equivalent to a standard 200mg tablet of Modafinil.
-I (“know someone”) who “may or may not” have used this In-Vivo, semi-regularly for 2 years now.
It delivers a safe, legal form of Modafinil that kicks in faster and just like Modafinil, can turn you into a machine when you need total clarity, and that “Limitless” type effect to tackle inane projects.
-Provides a GSD factor as powerful as Amphetamine without the worry of Addiction and Tachycardia. “GSD” = “Get Sh!t Done” factor.
*This is not an advertisement. I am not compensated in any way to post this. I just want my fellow “PricePlowers” to know that if you have wasted money and time trying many Bullsh!t nootropics with little to no desirable effect; take it from a chemistry geeek and psychonaut…this is real as it gets!
Do not even try to obtain or use this unless you have an extremely accurate milligram scale

Peace and Love,


Ugh fluoride, I thought we were supposed to raising IQ with nootropics, not lowering it!!

This is kinda an inside joke because I’m vehemently against putting anything fluoride anywhere in the body beyond the teeth.


GC did a post on it and he mentions that the fluoride is strongly bonded, so I don’t think there is too much of a risk.


I knew the “flouro” bond was going to get me a ball busting…lol
I too was hesitant about the flouro bond at first also. According to my math, even a heavy “Limitless” dose contains leas than a fraction of what you absorb in a 4 oz glass of non, ultra-filtered tap water.
It all becomes a matter of risk vs. reward.
I am not trying to push or promote this compound: just sharing what I have personally experienced. It got me through 2 girlfriends, 3 “contractor” positions, all while attending nursing school. Not to mention and an awesome gig writing about some cutting edge compounds that might just be available for “PricePlowers” to access by the end of the week (Lord Willing):stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Love is a burning thing: but just cause ya thing is burning, doesn’t mean it was Love”
-Sam Steward

Peace and Love


Yeah wow this stuff sounds crazy. Maybe some day, but I’m slightly lower somewhere on the conservative scale

LOL interested in how a nootropic does this :smile:


Yeah, I tried this last year. It’s a great stim but it gives me about 16 hours of energy. Don’t expect to sleep well, but if you have a crazy day, it’s quite awesome. It’s a clean feeling.

Also it does help the PWO stack quite a bit if you’re into that sort of thing. I usually settle around 300 mg of caffeine from fat burners and Diet Coke, but with fl-mofifinil 100mg of caffeine feels like 400.


I’ve used Vicaine by MA labs, and the original version had this is in it. I have to say, it was very much enjoyable and the you’re right, the energy was very clean and sustainable


I thought for sure you had confused the name of it with something similar, so I googled it…damn, flodafinil and tianeptine!! I live on the wild side, but I’d never serve those 2 compounds up in a cocktail to anyone,much less marketing n selling to the general public…That’s Nuckin Futs!


It has very specific warnings and instructions on it. Plus the price should keep some people from going for it lol. They have since reformulated it though. Not sure I’ll ever use it again