Layne Norton's PHAT Routine

Layne Norton's PHAT Routine


Well, it was time for a new routine, so I started Layne Norton’s PHAT program today. Today was Upper Body Power Day. Focus on heavy compound movements. Tomorrow is Lower Body Power Day. I have done similar programs to this. These are the types of programs I like. Both Heavy and Light training days for each muscle group. The breakdown is like this…

Day 1 Upper Body Power
Day 2 Lower Body Power
Day 3 Rest
Day 4 Back & Shoulders Hypertrophy
Day 5 Lower Body Hypertrophy
Day 6 Chest & Arms Hypetrophy
Day 7 Rest


I like the look of it, but Layne’s programs are notorious for being really tough on recovery/unrealistically high volume. I don’t remember if PHAT was like this, but it’s definitely something to look out for. There’s a reason the guy STAYS injured, lmao.


This isn’t the PH3 that he came out with later on. This is his earlier program.