L-Citrulline on the KETO DIET? Watch That Pre Workout

L-Citrulline on the KETO DIET? Watch That Pre Workout

NOTE: These two “days” were two MONTHS apart. This experiment got dropped when we had our baby the morning after day 1 of this experiment!.. life got thrown for a loop.

On day 2, if you saw the whole footage CJ thankfully edited, I didn’t even REMEMBER doing a day 1 earlier, until I tried saving the first file. I still literally don’t remember recording that first half even after watching. Anyway, I’m back now. More coming.


Wow full dad mode already! Can’t remember doing stuff. I have a 16 month old, so I was in yours shoes pretty recently.

There’s a few things I wanted to mention about the content though. One thing is that it would be interesting to see how your blood tests would react to different situations with the same compound. I know it would be infinitely more difficult, but I’d be curious to see how the results would differ if you were to take it when not in ketosis at all, versus in full ketosis, versus transitioning (sounds like where you are in the video here), as well as fasted compared to having eaten that day, as well as at rest versus while exercising (especially because I don’t think many will be using citrulline and then not work out). Another interesting thing would be seeing if there would be much difference if taken with caffeine, as I know I’ve seen before that caffeine can actually boost ketone production, but also citrulline is probably most commonly seen in caffeinated preworkout formulas. As a small side note, even though it seems that citrulline is not great for ketosis based on what you’ve done here, it may still be possible to get away with a lower dose combined with maybe some agmatine and norvaline or something to help boost the effects from a smaller amount, which should have a smaller detriment to your blood ketone levels. You know, I’m case someone is going keto but is just dying for a pump!

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All good points but I’m not going to spend weeks of time and blood strips on a single ingredient.

I’ll do 200mg caffeine alone for sure, I’m not convinced it boosts ketones all that much like MCT / BHB / Leucine does. Black Coffee wasn’t a big deal for me, just a minor bump in blood sugar.

My short-term game is really to build up to a plan where I can more easily build/recommend supplements based on my experiences. I’m almost there with that… gotta test agmatine, caffeine, and beta alanine.

Eventually I’ll get into real food (and food supplements like protein powder and carbs and sugars / sugar alcohols) so that I can build a diet that works best for me.

Keto snack recipes have erythritol everywhere. I’m curious as to how much of that I can eat before tanking out.


I ran into this problem a lot when I was giving keto a whirl.

Also snacks/recipes that were TECHNICALLY keto…as long as that’s all you ate for the day! “Keto” lunch recipes that had 14g carbs. Cool, I’ll definitely come back to these when I start that secret “lunch only” branch of keto… :sob:

(actually I guess that makes sense for people who were doing IF + Keto, like yourself…but I wasn’t.)


100% agreed!! It’s yet another reason why I think a ton of these “keto” people aren’t always very deep into ketosis.

Right now I’m on a huge “Fat Bomb” kick, which is from the KetoConnect kids:

  • 1/2 cup coconut oil, melt in pot on low

  • Mix 1.5 - 2 scoops protein powder (some work better than others)

  • Pour into silicon ice cube tray

  • Optionally add chopped macadamia nut pieces to each one

  • Freeze for two hours, keep frozen,

    and boom!!! High fat treat!

Current batch is with Loopy Froot ISO Protein by MAN Sports, but their Sprinkle Donut has so far been my favorite!


I was a big fan of fat bombs back then, but I never tried adding protein powder, I just flavored with extracts and liquid calorie-free sweeteners!

Also not to boast, but here’s a hearty keto dinner recipe by yours truly. :wink:


Your link is busted! Fix it up, I’m curious. Sounds like an Indian dish which I’d be all about!


Pfff, fixed! My phone likes to only highlight half of URLs when I’m copying and pasting, seemingly at random.


Awesome. Chicken thighs are the best, man. We just had some last night in a stew also. My ketones are on the low end right now, 0.5, so I need to get my macros tracked and in gear


Actually started keto 3 days back. I put a big dallop of coconut oil in my coffee.

Curious, anyone using BCAA’s?

When you are using your Carb “alotment” before exercise, after or??


Really? Never heard of this before, how exactly does it affect the taste?


I love it but it floats up top if you don’t keep stirring it. It’s just a good way to hack some more fat calories into the day, especially if you’re like me and need 10-15% more total calories than normal to maintain weight while in ketosis.

My issue is that I normally want to drink coffee before I’m ready to break my fast for my daily ketone experiments.

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BCAAs will technically break a fast and elevate blood sugar a bit, but not much. I suggest as much leucine as possible and avoid glutamine and citrulline containing intras while getting into ketosis. Sorry AmiNO Flow!


Those sound awesome. Do they stay “gooey” or freeze up?


@Mike , aside from coconut oil, do you believe.use any other oils like Flaxseed, Fish etc?


I’m not Mike… but I don’t do flax because it’s fairly rich in phytoestrogens. Shouldn’t be problematic in small amounts, but I wouldn’t go downing piles of it. If you are interested in flax oil though, from what I hear, the oil itself is very unstable, so it’s best to use the seeds themselves, however I guess humans don’t get much out of whole seeds, so they’d be best milled. Fish oil is generally a good thing, although I have no idea if there would be any difference in the context of the keto diet (I think you said you were going keto right?). That said, it is likely fish oil is utilized most efficiently when taken as a bolus dose less frequently vs. daily dosing. Eating salmon a few times a week is probably one of the better ways to do that, but if you don’t like fish, you could just split your weekly omega 3 dose and take it on only 2-3 days a week vs. every day. Besides that, butter is pretty popular for keto dieters, and I know in a different thread on a different topic, Mike said when he makes eggs he uses half butter, half avocado oil.


Thanks @jeremy. I only use 1-2 tbl a day of Flax seed oil. I did buy flax seeds and ground them up in my coffee grinder and will add to my protein pudding I make.


I rarely touch flax, since I just don’t like it.

Fish oil, yeah. I’m using Jarrow Max DHA, 6 softgels a day, unless I eat my canned sardines or salmon.

So my fat sources are primarily:

Basically every day:

  • Bacon
  • Eggs
  • Avocado Oil
  • Butter
  • Fish oil or Sardines / Salmon
  • Coconut oil in fat bombs or coffee. Sometimes MCT if not in the mood for coconut oil in the coffee
  • Macadamia Nuts or Brazil Nuts


  • Beef
  • Cheddar cheese
  • Chicken thighs
  • Heavy cream if I have coffee
  • Olive oil in salads

Second, flax is nasty.

Been considering trying chia for my “”“superfood”"" seeds in recipes and whatnot, since I’m trying to perfect my own meal replacement bar recipes but they have such a sticky texture that’s hard to get rid of, and flax seems to be the common solution to that in other recipes.